The answer is straightforward: Because it does not align with LEGO® Group’s vision.

Build LEGO®, not militaries. LEGO® incorporates what it stands for into everything it does, and this means a strict adherence to staying away from any scene, depiction, or scenario that could be related to a violent, graphic, or war-like scene. As children around the world engage, build, and imagine with fantasy-driven LEGO® sets, the iconic toy manufacturer wants to ensure contemporary war is never brought up or integrated into LEGO® sets.

LEGO® Imperial Stormtrooper Minifigures With One Holding Peace Sign

Are There Any Exceptions?

Technically speaking, LOTR LEGO® sets, Viking LEGO®, Star Wars LEGO®, and Medieval-themed LEGO® sets depict some scenes of violence. However, Lord of The Rings LEGO® sets and Star Wars LEGO® sets depict fantasy-related action scenes that have never occurred anywhere – because they are fictional franchises!

Additionally, while there have been medieval and Viking wars in the past, all modern-day cultures are so removed from these quasi-historical depictions that they might as well be fantasy.

But What If I Really Want Military LEGO®?

Honestly, you are never going to find anything besides bows, spears, swords, armor, lightsabers, and laser guns. So, if you want military related LEGO®, you are going to have to buy LEGO® compatible military items (which are not endorsed by LEGO®), build a LEGO® MOC of a military scene yourself, or customize your LEGO® minifigures to fit the MOC.

Make LEGO® Not War

Challenge yourself to build outside of the box and create accurate depictions of historical scenes and events without artillery. LEGO® is a toy for playing well together – and that means a complete omission of war. Enjoy and happy building!

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