We have all been there…we look at a little LEGO® minifigure and wonder if there are ways we could customize them ourselves.

Yellow LEGO® Minifigure In Hot Dog Outfit

Let’s break this post up into a few simple parts, DIY, sourcing parts, and painting. These three methods can be combined to make your own custom LEGO® minifigure, or you can just use one method to get the minifig you have always wanted!

DIY LEGO® Custom Minifigure Methods

This is easily my favorite method because it brings the spirit of LEGO® to life. Do it yourself LEGO® customizing is the name of the game!

3D Printing LEGO® Models

For starters, 3D printing is an incredible outlet for making custom LEGO® minifigures. You can download designs, layer your own, and find printable models of LEGO® minifigures. It can be a smidge more expensive, but you can experiment and fine-tune the build to what you want. If you are a LEGO® fan, getting into 3D printing can be a blast.

Battle Damaged Pieces For MOCs

I have this great piece about building battle-damaged LEGO® Imperial Stormtroopers. Essentially, you are going to want to use Sharpies (give it a dirt-like feel) and an electric lighter to singe the minifigure (safely). I highly recommend this route if you are crafty builder like me.

Sourcing Parts For Custom LEGO® Minifigures

You are going to want to find old, cheap LEGO® on third-party platforms to use existing, genuine LEGO® to customize your new minifig. What I like to do is pull up a picture of the character or individual I am trying to model with and then try to find individual LEGO® minifigure accessories and LEGO® hair pieces to match what I am trying to build. There is also a ton of joy in sifting through eBay for bulk LEGO® minifigure lots and then having a treasure trove of parts delivered for you to build models with.

Red LEGO® Minifigure With Yellow Heads In Front Of It

How To Paint Your Custom LEGO® Minifigure

For painting your LEGO® minifigure, you will want to use high-quality acrylic paint. LEGO® fans know that this type of paint adheres best to the ABS plastic, and allows for vibrant colors for your custom minifigures. The caveat here is that due to the paint working so well, be sure that you are ready for the paint to stick to your LEGO® minifigure forever.

I have another article here discussing whether or not you should paint your LEGO® minifigures. Also, ensure you buy the right type of finely-tipped paintbrush for the job!

How You Customize Your LEGO® Minifigure Is Up To You

That is the most fun of it all; you decide the customization journey you take. Whether it’s DIY, Frankenstein-ing pieces together, or painting the minifigures, you are in charge of the model you build and how you do it.

And just a heads-up, I am an Amazon affiliate, so any purchases made through this site provide Baumlinks with a small commission. That commission goes towards keeping the lights on and keeping the website running. Have fun building and reach out to matt@baumlinks.com if you need assistance or have any questions – happy building!

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