This Set Represents 10 Years Of LEGO® Creator Expert Modular Builds And Should Represent An Addition To Your LEGO® Investment Portfolio

Get in now and get in while you can, rumors have become true, and LEGO® 10255 is retiring in some regions, indicating a full retail retirement shortly. Retirement means a bump in LEGO® set stock price! This set is still available, right now, on Amazon for $299.99.

Let’s break up this analysis into three main parts:

What makes this set a quintessential modular build?

How have past modular sets performed post-retirement?

Should you invest in LEGO® 10255?

What Makes LEGO® Assembly Square So Appealing?

For starters, let’s see what we are cooking up in the center of this marvelous LEGO® city design: we have a dentist’s office, a café, and a dance studio – authenticity at its peak!

To join the intricate facades of the Assembly Square, we have a total of 9 minifigures: you’ll find a dentist, barista, baker, florist, music store assistant, dancer, photographer, LEGO® fan, and a cute baby figure displayed to bring the scene to life. FYI, every single minifigure in this set is unique.

Also, with 4,002 pieces, it will take you at least 8-10 hours of quality build time to get this 15-inch long by 13.5-inch high modular build put together. You’re getting what you pay for in terms of intricacy, design, cost, minifigures, and build experience.

Finally, let’s get to the bottom of LEGO® Creator Expert price appreciation: The Fanbase. LEGO® City fans who love the Creator Expert subtheme get to mix and match the creation of their very own LEGO® city, which usually encompasses an entire room, and decades of build time.

How Have Past LEGO® Modular And Creator Expert Sets Performed Post-Retirement?

I have provided a table below to give you a more holistic overview, but the simple answer is that historically, these sets dominate the long-term hold LEGO® investment strategy. The analysis of retired LEGO® Creator Expert modular builds unveils a remarkable overall finding: an average price appreciation of approximately 500% from retail prices given enough time.

Name of Set Retail Price Current Price
10232 Palace Cinema $149.99 $300 (approx.)
10243 Parisian Restaurant $159.99 $400 (approx.)
10218 Pet Shop $149.99 $300 (approx.)
10197 Fire Brigade $149.99 $500 (approx.)
10224 Town Hall $199.99 $700 (approx.)
10182 Cafe Corner $139.99 $2000 (approx.)

Should You Invest In LEGO® Assembly Square 10255?

I think the more important question is, “Why aren’t you investing in set 10255?” We have past sets that demonstrate considerable appreciation, a knowledgeable fanbase poised to buy this set, and it is currently available on Amazon for a decent MSRP of $299.99. With 4.8 stars and 1,610 reviews, this set is one of the highest-rated LEGO® sets on Amazon. And remember the LEGO® investing rule of two: one to build and one to sell. This set is worth the time and effort to construct the modular buildings.

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