The LEGO® Minifigures And LEGO® Keychain Versions Carry Different Price Tags

Clone Commander Gree was a Commander of the Republic Forces during the Clone Wars. He was designated with the number 1004 and wore the green camouflaged armor to match the battlefields on which he fought – like Kashyyyk. Unfortunately, he also diligently followed Order 66…and lost his head in the process.

LEGO® Clone Commander Gree Minifigure

This more well-known version of the green-adorned Phase 1 Clone Trooper comes in set 9491: Battle for Geonosis and set 75043: AT-AP. Besides the green-striped legs, chest piece, and helmet, LEGO® Commander Gree also gets a realistically printed ammo sash across his chest plate. For the time of release, this aspect made this Star Wars LEGO® minifigure stand out in the Phase 1 SW lineup! This minifigure is rare and retired – meaning it runs for $11.99 used or $19.00 in mint condition off Amazon. Due to the unique green coloring, I highly recommend this becomes a part of your LEGO® Star Wars Clone Army.

LEGO® Commander Gree Detailed Print And Keychain

Also a retired product, this phase 2 version of Commander Gree has the Kashyyyk Armor you might be more familiar with: green visor, dark green camouflage, and beige printing accents. There is one version in set 75043 where it comes as a minifigure, and not a LEGO® keychain. However, the keychain variant is not detachable, and removing the keyring would only damage Commander Gree. While this model does not come with a blaster, the LEGO® printing is exceptional and likewise, drives up the price! On Amazon, or any third-party platforms, you are looking at $24.00-$34.00 new.

What Main Sets Does Commander Gree Come In?

Commander Gree can be found in two sets:

Star Wars 9491: Battle for Geonosis: Here Commander Gree fights alongside Jedi Knight Bariss Offee against two Geonosians operating a LR1K sonic cannon that shoots the green soundwave you see In Star Wars: Episode II – The Attack of the Clones.

Star Wars 75043: AT-AP: Commander Gree, in his detailed, green Kashyyyk camouflage operates the AT-AP, known as the All Terrain Attack Pod. These three-legged mechanical tanks were Republic walker vehicles that patrolled and fought on Kashyyyk. In this set, LEGO® Clone Commander Gree fights alongside Wookie Chief Tarfful against two B1 Battle Droids and one Super Battle Droid.

What Happened To Commander Gree?

Well…he tried to assassinate Yoda during Order 66 and was promptly removed from his head with one slash of Yoda’s green lightsaber. You can see this scene when Yoda holds his head and then does a double backflip in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

What Clone Units Did Commander Gree Fight In?

Commander Gree, like most Clone Troopers, moved between regiments and companies depending on missions and necessities. He fought in the 327th Star Corps., 212th Attack Battalion, 7th Battalion, and the 501st Torrent Co. He routinely fought alongside and underneath Clone General and Jedi Master Yoda.

Should I Grab LEGO® Commander Gree?

If you are building a LEGO® MOC or decide to complete your incredible LEGO® Star Wars Minifigure collection, this green-printed Clone Commander makes a fine addition to your collection – regardless of cost!

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