Find Out If The Color Is The Culprit In This Interesting LEGO® Fact!

For decades, brick fans across the world have wondered why brown LEGO® bricks are so fragile and brittle. Let’s break down this LEGO® myth to decide if this statement is legitimate, or as frail as the bricks it describes.

LEGO® Minifigures Building A Brown Construction Sign

What Are The Theories As To Why Brown LEGO® Pieces Are So Fragile?

The pigment is to blame. Many theories circulate the internet and this is the one that snaps to the top. Supposedly, the pigmentation and mixing process for brown LEGO® bricks predisposes them to being more brittle than other LEGO® brick colors.

Compatibility with existing colors. There is a distinct possibility that the way the colorant mixes with the ABS LEGO® plastic makes the pieces more brittle and fragile than usual.

The 2010 Brown LEGO® Brick Debacle. In 2010, some issues with quality control led to a few brittle bricks slipping through the cracks. This problem was quickly diagnosed and rectified by LEGO®. However, since LEGO® makes 1,200 bricks per second, it is safe to say a few thousand faulty bricks got out and into your LEGO® bin!

Is The Fragile, Brown LEGO® Brick Real, Or A Myth?

This “myth” is very much a real phenomenon. Pre-2017, some hues and brown colors led to fragile LEGO® pieces. Don’t fret! LEGO® is more than happy to replace any pieces that snap due to the pigmentation and the molding process! Since LEGO® is more than happy to replace your bricks, it is safe to say something did indeed happen to make brown LEGO® pieces so fragile.

Will LEGO® Pieces Become Fragile And Brittle With Age?

Yes. So, do yourself a favor and ensure you take good care of your bricks by storing your LEGO® in a cool, dry place without any direct sunlight exposure. You can keep them away from moisture by putting them in a plastic bin.

What Is The Rarest Color LEGO® Piece Out There?

A fun bonus in this post: The LEGO® DC Stargirl Minifigure has the glitter translucent-orange, or glitter trans-orange for short, spear-tip piece for her accessory. This is the most uncommon LEGO® color deployed in the vibrant arsenal of LEGO® colors and pigmentation.

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