As we move into the New Year, let’s decide what the best set was based on the 5 pillars

Before we dive in here, it is important to note that a set becomes a set of the year if it fulfills the 5 pillars: cost, build, design, investment potential, and resaleability.

So Which LEGO® Set Was The Best Of 2023?

By far, The LEGO® Batman 1992 polybag also known as LEGO® Set 30653 Batman Returns polybag was the best set of 2023. But wait, that’s cheating! You can’t do that!

By far, The LEGO® Batman 1992polybag also known as LEGO® Set 30653 Batman Returns polybag was the best set of 2023. But wait, that’s cheating! You can’t do that!

Before you roast me, see what I have to say:

The Cost Of The LEGO® Batman 1992

If you got this set while it was available in June of 2023, it was a low-cost $4.99 MSRP. Considering it is not a CMF minifigure (which is also $4.99 MSRP) and it came with additional pieces to build the Gotham Knight’s favorite perch, this polybag just made sense. I pity those who didn’t get in early as it retired that same month.

The Build: Sometimes Less Is More

With a grand total of 40 pieces, you can put this thing together in under 5 minutes. It has a MOC feel to it, so it can be meshed into any existing superhero-themed build or DC LEGO® set. I mean, it’s Michael Keaton, he might not be the best, but he was one of the most iconic Batman portrayals there was at the time. Being able to recreate that stance atop the Gotham skyscraper perch is freaking cool!

A Simple Design That Stands Out

One of my pet peeves is that LEGO® minifigures usually come with lackluster display stands. In the LEGO® Batman Returns 1992 polybag, you get the gray skyscraper gargoyle where Batman menacingly looks out onto Gotham. He is poised and ready to use his grappling hook to swing into criminals and only beat them within an inch of their lives. Honestly, I thought the way they put together that building corner was pretty inventive for what was provided in the LEGO® polybag.

Investment Potential That Already Doubled

Well, folks, this one is a slam dunk. With the 1992 LEGO® Batman polybag now valued at $9.96 off BrickEconomy, you have 99% returns, or simply put, you doubled your investment. It does not get easier than this.

Let’s say you bought 100 of these for the MSRP of $4.99, you would have spent $500. Now you have 100, LEGO® Batman minifigures worth close to $1,000.00 at resale.

You Bet There Is Resale Value

It’s Batman. It’s also Michael Keaton’s Batman. 1) LEGO® DC has enough demand as-is. 2) This minifigure was the best part of the movie The Flash (RIP Ezra Miller’s career). 3) Batman spans themes, interests, and generations. It is the perfect storm. Do you know what is even more perfect? How easy it is to flip and ship this minifigure on third-party platforms because it’s a polybag that doesn’t take up a lot of space or weight.

You might be too late to get in for 99% returns, but there is always time to buy and hold!

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