“In the heart of this realm, the Dark Lord Sauron has his fortress, the Black Tower of Barad-dûr.”

An Rendition Of The LEGO® Tower of Barad-Dûr Set For Release In 2024

One LEGO® set to rule them all. A rumored, masterful creation is poised for release in 2024. The Lord of The Rings set line is ready for another massive addition and the Tower of Barad-Dûr is ready to fulfill the wishes of The Dark Lord. This LEGO® Icon set will undoubtedly build a collection worthy of Mordor and hopefully it comes with an abundance of LEGO® LOTR orcs. The menacing tower of Lord Sauron took 600 years and countless orc servants to build; this set will probably take you a good eight hours.

When Is This Set Releasing?

We are looking at a tentative release date of June 2024. Again, these are rumors and speculations as we wait for more to be confirmed.

How Much Is LEGO® Barad-Dûr Expected To Cost?

Apparently, market research shows that brick fans have unlimited money to use towards the purchase of LOTR LEGO® sets. Just kidding. However, we are looking at $459.99, which is definitely expensive.

What LOTR Minifigures Can We Expect To See In The LEGO® Tower Of Barad-Dûr?

It is expected that, at the very least, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and The Dark Lord Sauron will be a part of this set. Like the Avengers Tower, one can hope we get a plethora of LEGO® LOTR minifigures.

What Is The Piece Count Of The Massive LEGO® Barad-Dûr Tower?

We are looking at an estimated 5,741 pieces which is a couple hundred pieces shy of the LEGO® Rivendell set. Whatever the actual figure comes out to be, it will be a solid build!

Why Aren’t There More Affordable LEGO® Lord of The Rings Sets?

To be quite honest, I don’t know. LEGO® Lord of The Rings is expensive, but that is because the other sets retired over a decade ago. LEGO® could make a ton of money with smaller, more affordable LOTR sets that appeal to masses that have grown. The Lord of The Rings movies and The Rings of Power TV show had hundreds of millions of watchers. The ages and demographics for this audience are primed for Star Wars LEGO® levels of purchases. We all wish LEGO® would make more affordable LOTR sets.

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