You have got some options for adding some serious brick, feng shui to your bedroom!

Below are the most commonly built LEGO® wall pieces that people own and have. I am showing you these aesthetic LEGO® sets because there is a good chance this post applies directly to you! Because now, you are wondering, “how the heck do I hang LEGO® art?”

First And Foremost, You Are Going To Want To Adhere The LEGO® Pieces Together

You heard me right. For your LEGO® wall art you want to hang, you want to ensure those bricks are stuck together. Here’s why: if by some possibility your LEGO® wall art falls from the wall, it will break when it hits the ground, when it hits the ground, those pieces will shoot off into hundreds of different directions. A LEGO®-friendly adhesive ensures that if the wall art falls, chances are it will be in only be in a few pieces. Le-Glue is an awesome compromise in this situation. The glue is a Shark Tank product brought to the building table by a small lad who wanted to keep his LEGO® together, but could ensure that they would still come apart at a later date. Yes, it holds the pieces together, but placing the bricks in warm water releases them. This allows them to be used again, meaning it is not permanent!

How To Hang LEGO® Wall Art On Your Walls

This final step is two-fold: LEGO® base plates and velcro adhesives. It is more expensive but 1) it works 2) it is secure 3) it causes the least damage to your walls. What you want to do is secure the back of the LEGO® wall art to baseplates, so that the underside or backside of the LEGO® art is smooth. Then, peel velcro adhesives, 5 should suffice, around each corner and one in the middle, then secure to your wall. Of course, you will have to get the alignment right, but once it’s secure, it stays in place!

Make Hanging LEGO® Wall Art Easy

You just spent hours putting this LEGO® masterpiece together. If you are going to decorate your home or office, spend a little extra money to protect your walls, your LEGO® set, and your decor. This method is three simple steps: build, adhere, and align. By following the guidance above, you can spice up your bedroom with the power of the plastic brick!

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