Salaries Vary, But The Value Of Self Actualization Does Not

Imagine this: You sit down at your desk, pull yourself in, open your emails to the duty of creating a new massive LEGO® Iron Man, the task of presenting a model to a team of experts, or you spend your day brainstorming a model for the next seasonal release. While Master Builders, on average, make roughly $26-$30.00 USD an hour, the 75th percentile can make upwards of $82,000.000 a year! That’s a lot of dough for a lot of LEGO®.

A Wearer Of Many LEGO® Hats

Turns out, there are only about 50 LEGO® Master Builder Model makers in the world, making it one of the most competitive and prestigious LEGO® roles out there. The job requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and in some cases, you might even require an engineering degree. The team looks for individuals with a combination of sophistication, articulation, and creativity. According to LEGO®, day-to-day functions and duties vary greatly. It is a job where the toy manufacturer makes it almost impossible for the employee to get bored.

How Do You Become A LEGO® Master Builder?

For starters, it is not easy. The process requires LEGO® Group’s recognition and the win of a LEGO® contest. And to practice for this, you need to build with LEGO®…sometimes for decades. For this role, you are not applying for solely the salary and to make ends-meet. This job is the pinnancle of every LEGO®-lovers fantasy of waking up each day, building something awesome, and playing-well.

Your first step is to read Brick By Brick and familiarize yourself with the history and making of LEGO®. The second step is to build and rebuild every set you have, learn new techniques, watch a plethora of YouTube tutorials, and find ways to submit your LEGO® MOCs online.

Are You Up For The Task?

The journey is simple, the task is hard, but the reward is infinite. Imagine the idea of a paystub attached to the role of redefining and recreating LEGO® builds and LEGO® sets. I am not cut out to be a LEGO® Master builder. But, the real question is: are you?

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