Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, You Love LEGO®, Your Partner Should Too!

Either Valentine’s Day is here, or you are currently researching a unique, feng-shui gift idea for the February holiday. Either way, it’s 2024, and between the layoffs and inflation, you are strapped for cash, gift ideas, burnt out, and have no clue what to get your partner.

These LEGO® sets are here to save you lovebirds. LEGO® flower builds like are simple, fun, and elegant. And, they don’t wilt! Plus, you can sit down, share a home-cooked meal, save your budget, and build a little couple bonding for a bricktastic date night.

LEGO® Icons Bouquet of Roses 10328

Released on January 1st, 2024, LEGO® had this design ready with February right around the corner. It was a smart release and the timing is impeccable from LEGO® Group. Having personally built this set, 822 pieces gives you a 2-3 hour build and the end product displays wonderfully. The red coloring is slightly darker than most normal red bricks and fits perfectly for the roses. The four sprigs of Baby’s Breath that go in between the rose stems are seamless and give this set an authentic feel. It is also a huge bonus that these won’t wilt and the thorns won’t prick you. For $59.99 on Amazon and 4.8 stars, this set is worth the small expense!

LEGO® Cherry Blossoms 40725

This set is not to be confused with the LEGO® Bonsai Tree with similar, pink cherry blossoms! This is an entirely new set that came out January 1st, 2024 and is listed as “other” on LEGO®, but could easily fall into the Icons or Creator theme. Regardless, it is a marvelous set with 430 pieces that will provide you with a solid hour-long building experience. These are well-sized and detailed flowers, which could fit perfectly and eternally in a glass or ceramic vase. Again, these will never wilt, so what you buy lasts. This is my favorite of the four sets: It’s only $14.97 on Amazon and has 4.5 stars.

LEGO® Sunflowers 40524

This is not your typical LEGO® flower display. However, these two, detailed flowers were released January 1st, 2022 and are ready to make a retirement in 2024. So, not only is this an excellent purchase for the build, but it is poised to become a collector’s item. With 191 pieces, you are set to build them both under just an hour and these can fit in a lovely vase as well. For the more nature-inclined Valentine’s Day partner, this gift brings a little bit of sunshine to your living room. For only $12.97 on Amazon and 4.1 stars with close to 1,400 ratings, you can’t go wrong with this aesthetic LEGO® gift.

LEGO® Lotus Flowers 40647

The LEGO® Lotus Flowers are an exquisite blend of all the sets before. You get three flowers: 2 open and 1 closed aka 2 bloomed and 1 budding. It has a simple design and stem build that gets the job done. Lastly, the shades of pink, white, and yellow are so on-par that you can mistake these for the real thing at first glance. These were an absolute pleasure to build and with 220 pieces, you are in for a relaxing hour-long build with your partner. These also fit perfectly on any shelf or LEGO® Flower Basket you might build for them! For only $14.99 on Amazon and 4.6 stars, you can spend your Valentine’s Day date night building an excellent, little flower display.

LEGO® Is An Easy, Elegant Choice For Valentine’s Day

I know the struggle of endlessly scrolling through Etsy or Amazon to find a gift for your partner. Then, there is the added pressure of budget, shipping, and timing. With Amazon, you know what you are getting from a trusted platform and there is a large degree of buyer-seller protection. Any of these flowers make a great date night for LEGO® Fans and loving partners. You might want to grab them now before the February love rush begins!

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