There Are Ways To Give Your LEGO® Middle Earth A Top Quality Feel…For An Affordable Price!

We all know how expensive Lord of The Rings LEGO® has gotten and it leaves us with an extremely difficult task of creating an affordable, LOTR LEGO® MOC. Depending on your glass-half-full, or glass-half-empty approach, if you are willing to sacrifice a smidge of authenticity for your build, you can pull off a LOTR LEGO® MOC without decimating your Middle Earth gold reserves.

We will break this blog post into two sections: Items and sets for LOTR minifigures, and then items and sets for a Peter Jackson Lord of The Rings LEGO® landscape.

This way, depending on whether you want to build Riders of Rohan or Uruk-Hai battalions, you can quickly scroll to upgrade the MOC you are trying to build.

LEGO® Accessories To Build Rohirrim

The Riders of Rohan, Rohirrim, were integral to the defeat of Sauron’s forces at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. These minifigures came in the Helm’s Deep LEGO® collection. With each, genuine LOTR LEGO® set being worth hundreds of dollars today, it’s not incredibly feasible to buy up a bunch of them for an affordable MOC. However, there are some medieval LEGO®-compatible accessories and horses on Amazon that can help you build the Horse Lords of J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe.

Medieval Knights Accessories Building Block From BroTex

While these are not genuine LEGO® pieces, I have used a multitude of these for my for medieval LEGO® MOCs, and I find them to be highly durable, compatible, and as close to the real thing as you can get. What you are looking for here are the helmets and chest plates in the upper right quadrant. Plain dark green, and gray chest pieces with the iconic iron-domed helmet make up the bulk of the Rohirrim. Also, brown spears and brown capes are a must!

Genuine LEGO® Brown (Reddish) Cape

Speaking of brown capes…these cloth capes off Amazon aren’t extremely cheap, but they come in clutch in a pinch. I find the material to be extremely durable because they are genuine LEGO® brown-reddish capes. These capes are quintessential to your Rohirrim build.

LEGO® Compatible War Horses from Sprite World

They are called “horse lords” for a reason! The Riders of Rohan are powerful allies and an unmatched force on open fields for their ability to decimate Sauron’s ground forces. All because of their skill of riding horses as if they were an extension of the Rohirrim’s own two legs. These horses are made from a LEGO®-compatible group “SPRITE WORLD,” and their quality is decent. These come in a variety of colors which is perfect. The cavalry units for the Rohirrim came with horses in all sorts of colors.

LEGO® Accessories To Build Your Elven Army

While the colors might be a bit off for a true LEGO® LOTR Elven army, you can easily rectify that issue with some patience and a couple cans of matte spray-paint.

Magma Brick The Elf and Gondor Metalic Armor and Gear Set

You are going to love this. A private company has put together custom Elven armor and pieces for your LOTR MOC. They glisten, they shine, and most importantly, they look like genuine LEGO®. I find that these pieces fit in my LEGO® minifigures hands just fine and that the armor attaches securely.

Booster Bricks 3 New Random Medieval LEGO® Minifigs

If you are going to build a LOTR LEGO® Elven army, you are going to need minifigs. This even applies to the Rohirrim above. This booster pack from Amazon gives you three genuine minifigs that you can trick out with the chrome-LEGO®-compatible armor above, or also use for your Rohirrim build as well. Lastly, please feel free to conserve money and save your budget by using your existing LEGO® minifigures with the compatible pieces mentioned in the post.

Building The Forces Of Gondor With LEGO® And LEGO® Compatible Pieces

For every Gondorian minifigure, you need the classic LOTR onion shaped Gondorian helmet.

Magma Bricks Gondor Armor, Helmet, Spear, Sword, and Shield LEGO®-Compatible

Magma Bricks appears to be a LEGO® compatible brick creator. This set of 7 Gondorian armor pieces are indeed made with the durable ABS plastic, and the cloth for the capes is halfway decent too. Only caveat is the color is off for Gondor armor, so you will need some spray paint with a gray-matte finish to accomplish the right look. Consumers gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and honestly, I agree. You get 48 pieces total for $11.00 (which is a steal). They are this weird chrome color to get around licensing issues (most likely). Each set is one spear, one sword, one Gondorian chest plaste, Gondorian helmet, one Gondorian shield, and a cape with the White Tree of Gondor on the back. They are not perfect, but they do get the job done!

ALiquid Custom Minifigures Weapon Set For Gondor LEGO®

Another LEGO®-compatible group, ALiquid, makes higher quality LEGO® Gondorian equipment. While you do get less pieces total, 25 pcs for $11.00 USD, I find these to be way stronger and have a color that is more on par with the traditional look of Gondor’s forces.

And, the biggest bonus here: You do get Gondorian Captain’s armor to have a designated minifigure lead your forces into battle. While there is only one rating of 5 stars, these LEGO® compatible pieces are worth the price!

Build Saurons Forces For Affordable Prices With Some Help From Amazon

Magma Brick produces probably the best LEGO®-compatible LOTR pieces in the line-up. These Uruk-Hai pieces made from ABS plastic are worth every penny.

Magma Brick Uruk-hai Armor, Helmets, and Weapons LEGO® Compatible Pieces

Magma Brick does it again, and these Uruk-Hai LEGO® compatible pieces are some of the best I have ever used. Personally, I find them to be better than the Gondorian pieces they manufacture. You get 28 pieces, with 8 of those pieces being unique, menacing Uruk-Hai minifigure heads. What this means is as long as you have generic armor and leg pieces, the heads will make any LEGO® minifigure stand out as an Uruk-Hai. These ABS plastic pieces have 4.5 stars and a whopping 96 ratings – they are exceptional. And for $18.00, it is an absolute bargain.

Finding Cheap Orc Minifigures

Honestly, while the minifigures below come from the CMF sets, they are pretty expensive and run roughly $14.00-$20.00 per minifig. In conjunction with the pieces above, you are better off using black monochrome/reddish-brown LEGO® minifigures in your collection to build your Mordor army. But, in case you want the real thing, each of these pictures is clickable below!

Let’s Round Out This LOTR LEGO® MOC How-To With Simple World Building Techniques For Middle Earth Landscapes

While genuine LEGO® sets are going to give you the best color, these LEGO® compatible sets will help you build the framework for your LOTR MOC.

Feleph 260 Pieces Masonry Profile Bricks

Masonry-type bricks are your best friend. Feleph, a LEGO®-compatible brick creator, gives you 260 incredible little gray pieces to work with. For $20.00, this is a steal for LOTR world-building. For $100.00, you could be sitting with over 1,000 LEGO®-compatible masonry bricks to build whatever structure in Middle Earth you desire. Clocking in with 4.7 stars and 103 ratings, these pieces slap and are well-worth the price tag.

FUNWHOLE Medieval Apothecary Shop

Again, another LEGO®-compatible creator, FUNWHOLE makes this outstanding Apothecary shop you can purchase off Amazon for $79.99. The green and brown accented bricks are perfect for constructing Rohirrim outposts and Elven barracks in your Middle Earth MOC. With 1,470 pieces, 4.5 stars, and 17 ratings, it is well worth the investment as well.

Last but not least, Please Buy Some Quality Baseplates

While I have given you the pieces, models, and techniques for you to let your inner J.R.R. Tolkien run wild, any LEGO® MOC, regardless of theme, is built best on top of a genuine LEGO® bastplase. Please ensure that whatever you build is secured to one of these baseplates as shown to the right here. With 2,900 reviews and 4.8 stars, you can’t go wrong!

Enjoy building your Lord of The Rings LEGO® MOC! Please feel free to email me to let me know how your building process goes at – I look forward to hearing from you!

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