BRICKMANIACS! We’re back stateside after having a blast across the pond for TANKFEST 2024. A huge thank you to everyone who made the trip! As you probably noticed, the Wednesday email did not send at 8:00 AM CDT today. Our flights home complicated things. That said, we’re now back to your regularly scheduled program and are gearing up for the Friday drop!

Here’s what’s coming…

PREORDERING Friday at 8:00 AM CDT – US Navy 34′ Patrol Boat. This weekend ONLY you can upgrade custom hull numbers for just $20 AND the add-on US Navy Small Boat Crewman custom minifigs are 25% off through Monday!

Just in time for the 4th of July, we will also be dropping a new American Revolutionary War Soldier V.2 with Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® Flintlock Musket and Bayonet!

Finally, we set the world on fire once again with the arrival of the Classic Series Dweller Torso, Ghoulie Torso, Raider Torso, and custom created Ghoulie Hat!

It all arrives FRIDAY at 8:00 AM CDT on!