Following massive hits of 10497 Galaxy Explorer and 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle, this summer LEGO revives yet another classic, spoiling fans with the new 10320 Eldorado Fortress set. A 2,509-piece diorama, fusing two iconic Pirates set together, will go on sale on July 4th (for LEGO VIP members) / July 7th for everyone else for US $214.99 | CAN $279.99 | UK £189.99.

The new set brings the classic fort in the new, reworked design, along with tow boats: a larger ship with sails made of fabric, and a small boat.

Eldorado Fortress is based on the old version of the fort, set 6276, which was released back in 1989. While the original model consisted of a little bit over 500 pieces, the new products is a massive 2,500 build. Though, the scale and the size of the structures is pretty much the same.

It’s easy to notice that the original set did not include any sail boats. This is where the design team improvised to bring yet another Pirates classic — a ship from 6277 Imperial Trading Post set from 1992.

Eldorado Fortress can boast modularity. The model can either be grouped all together or stretched in a thin line for a stunning display on a bookshelf.

According to the press release, LEGO’s decision to dive back into the Pirates team was influenced by the fans’ massive demand for the theme seen with lots of submissions and activity on the Ideas platform.

Check out the full gallery below.

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