Cinderella’s Castle and fantasy may have become the face of Disney Parks, but founder Walt Disney’s heart was always in Tomorrowland. Space Mountain, first built in 1975 at the Magic Kingdom, has endured as the crowning achievement of Tomorrowland and cemented itself as one of the most beloved roller coasters in the world. One of Space Mountain’s most enthusiastic fans is builder and LEGO Masters Japan contestant Kon, who has spent much of the past year focused on a incredible and functional recreation of the attraction built at minifig scale from 15,000 bricks.

Space Mountain

Kon absolutely nailed the iconic retro-futuristic facade, designed by imagineer John Hench. White bricks are laid across a technic frame in order to achieve the conical shape without any central supports. From behind, we can see the roller coaster tracks that recreate the drops and curves of the actual ride.

Space Mountain Interior

Much as Disneyland’s facades don’t reveal the full picture of a ride’s inner working, Kon built the control room and queuing section of the ride as a separate module that slides into place. Third-party lighting kits give the ride a space-age glow, and, more importantly, the loading area contains a motorized section of track to launch the coaster cars on their journey.

Space Mountain Control Room

Here we see the entirety of the model – the Mountain, interior module, cars, and if you’re wondering what that robotic pair on the right is, that’s a feature exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland – robot themed vending machines.

Space Mountain Full

For fans of this classic Space Mountain design, right now is a bittersweet moment at the Tokyo park. This is the final month the ride remains operational before it shuts down forever to be replaced in 2027 with a completely re-built and re-imagined spin on the space-themed coaster. Ride the Space Mountain: Final Ignition while you can, or just enjoy Kon’s amazing recreation.

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