Evil though he is, Darth Vader is a bit of a badass. That’s sort of evident from the films, but it’s laid out in full, merciless glory in the Darth Vader: Imperial Machine comic series. Flickr builder h2brick is paying tribute to this run of comics in the best way they know — with some fab LEGO vignettes! We’ve got three to look at so far — there will be nine in total, which we’ll surely come back to. Might as well start at the beginning, right? In this one, half a Technic click hinge is used as the medical seat/bed legs, to great effect.

The Machine (1/9)

The second scene in this series doesn’t actually feature Vader at all, but it’s accompanied by an important quote, wherein Vader and Emperor Palpatine discuss where the Sith get their red blades. That doesn’t make this build any less imposing, though. I like how the statue mixes shades of old and new dark grey for a slightly weathered look.

Democratic Tyranny (2/9)

Away from saber-smelting, we get to see Darth Vader at his most brutal, taking out a group of pirates who really should’ve known better. While the flying machinery draws the eye, the walls of the building are where you want to look for great parts use in this scene. Among other things, that includes a piston, a low-loader tipper bed, and brackets squeezed into crates. And I’ll never pass up an opportunity to shout-out a use of one of my favourite obscure colours, sand red!

Militia Furor (Knight’s Rage) (3/9)

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