The Evil Queen’s witchy disguise in Disney’s Snow White is a frightening sight, but as captured by LEGO Master Dicken Liu, she’s downright adorable. The witch’s scale lets cloth elements seamlessly drape around her hunched form, and the brick-built elements emphasize curves and canted angles that turn LEGO rigidity into a cartoon come to life. Dicken includes some sly Disney nods in that characterful face. The beady eyes are sourced from Moana’s rooster companion Hei-Hei in the Disney Duos set, and the nose appears to be an unpainted prototype of Alice’s hairpiece.  Once again, Dicken impresses with his innovative techniques and knack for character. Why not take the witch’s apple, let your dreams come true, and revisit some of our favorite Dicken Liumodels?

Evil Queen-01

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