Jiwoo Seon is back with an astounding piece of LEGO artwork. Jiwoo has expanded on a previously developed technique to create this beautifully vibrant flowery dress. The star piece of this work is the 1×6 curved arch in a wide variety of colors that makes up the majority of the dress, but if you take the time to look closely you will see a huge variety of unique parts used to add texture and interest. You will see a lot of these parts in the highly detailed dripping ink effect below the dress!

Dress : Blooming Hidden Blossoms

In this angled shot, we can see just how three-dimensional this artwork is. The large white and yellow flower leaps off the canvas. The white and the red-pink flowers add further texture to the whole composition.

The mosaic portrait of the woman wearing the dress is a unique addition to Jiwoo’s previous flower artwork. Largely done in shades of grey – with a little dark brown, gold, and sand green for extra detail – this mosaic elegantly depicts the dress’s wearer. Jiwoo also chose to outline most of the woman’s body in white dots, providing a subtle outline and clarity to the mosaic.

This work demonstrates the artistic possibilities that LEGO can provide as a medium of expression. I know I’ll be studying this lovely work for ideas for a long time!

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