“Continue The Story” is an ongoing collaborative animation project event where 12 animators work together over the course of one year to create a story in 12 individual parts, where each part is animated by a different animator at the beginning of each month. At the end of the year all parts are combined into one big ‘supercut’ and released onto the event’s youtube channel.

Each participant is given full creative freedom over their parts with a minimum of restrictions such as NSFW guidelines, deadlines and titling formatting. The host, Maosl, is not permitted to influence the story in any way unless something problematic like continuity or guidelines becomes an issue. The primary goal of Continue The Story is to allow people to experiment with mixing visual styles and encourage collaboration between animators to create a story unique to their event, something the group will share in experience and hopefully can have some fun while doing it.

Find the YouTube channel HERE.
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2023 Playlist
2024 Playlist

The year’s participants for 2024 are as follows (in alphabetical order)
– @avbricks15
– @bigeye_studios
– @bike5_productions
– BrixFlix
– @corey_pine_studios
– @edbound
– @_gilgy_
– @laughing_lego_productions
– @morpus.dorpus
– Orca Studios
– @peloketchup_official
– @stormtheblank

The year’s participants for 2023 are as follows (in alphabetical order)
– @maosl.39
– @jadewhitelego
– @melted_brix
– @sillypenta
– @cringeychris_78
– @_bluebrick
– @sir_langstalot_productions
– @king_brick_studios
– @fanofbricks_
– @cryptic.studios
– @masked_studios12
– @corey_pine_studios