In case you haven’t tried it out yet, the LEGO Group has announced an exhilarating new adventure within Fortnite, designed to captivate master builders of all ages. Welcome to LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers an innovative LEGO Island where creativity, strategy, and defense converge in a unique twist on the beloved Fortnite Battle Royale location.

Discover the Excitement of LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers

LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers 16X9 LOCKUP V3

LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers brings a fresh and dynamic experience in Fortnite, allowing players to rebuild, strategize, and defend the iconic Tilted Towers using LEGO bricks. After being destroyed numerous times, it’s up to you to reconstruct this legendary location from the ground up, infusing it with the magic of LEGO.

Rebuilding the Tilted Towers with LEGO Bricks

In LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers, players face the thrilling challenge of harvesting resources, constructing buildings, and completing missions to revive the iconic Tilted Towers. This new version of Tilted Towers is not just about rebuilding; it’s about transforming it into a bustling hub of creativity and commerce. You’ll need to gather resources, design structures, and set up businesses to make Tilted Towers flourish once again.

Check out the video announcement below.

Defend Your LEGO City from Unique Threats

The excitement doesn’t stop at construction. LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers tests your resilience with a variety of threats, from flash floods to zombie invasions. Players must strategically defend their city, ensuring their builds withstand these challenges. This aspect of the game adds a layer of strategy and excitement, making every moment in Tilted Towers a test of your building and defensive skills.

Complete Challenges and Earn In-Game Rewards

lego tycoon tilted towers

Engage in a series of challenges within LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers to earn in-game studs, which can be used to purchase additional resources. Challenges such as The Lemonade Stand, The Pizza Shop, and Saloon offer diverse experiences, while the ultimate challenge, the Rocket Silo, pushes your building skills to the limit. As you complete these tasks, you can unlock multipliers, bonuses, and hidden secrets, encouraging you to rebuild the city faster and better each time.

Explore LEGO Fortnite and the Battle Arena

Beyond LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers, the LEGO and Fortnite collaboration extends to LEGO Fortnite, a survival crafting game launched in December 2023. This game offers a safe, fun digital space for children and families to explore vast, open worlds where LEGO building and Fortnite gameplay collide.

lego tycoon tilted towers

Starting June 27, players can also experience updates to LEGO Battle Arena, another beloved LEGO Island within Fortnite. The updates introduce the Ice Arena, where players battle on frozen ground, requiring precision to stay in the game. Fall off, and you have a brief chance to swim back before freezing. New power-ups like “Freeze” and “Mega Spinjitzu” and pickups like Extra Health enhance the gameplay, providing more tools and longevity in battle. Players can also earn official ranks and unlock achievements as they conquer their opponents.

What’s Next for LEGO Islands in Fortnite?

The adventure doesn’t end here. The LEGO Group and Epic Games promise even more LEGO Islands in Fortnite over the coming months. Each new island will bring fresh challenges, unique experiences, and endless opportunities for creativity and fun.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and get ready to dive into the world of LEGO Tycoon Tilted Towers. It’s a new and exciting journey where your creativity and strategic thinking will be tested in a fun and rewarding way.

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