LEGO and Transformers fans, get ready to roll out with a new addition to your LEGO Icons collection! The LEGO Group has officially revealed the LEGO Transformers Bumblebee (10338), a stunning follow-up to the popular LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime (10302) from their ongoing collaboration with Hasbro. Set to hit shelves on July 1 for LEGO Insiders and July 4 for the general public, this set is priced at $89.99 in the US.

Key Features of LEGO Transformers Bumblebee

Build and Transformation

The LEGO Transformers Bumblebee (10338) clocks in at 950 pieces, perfectly recreating the beloved G1 Transformers character. Built to the same scale as 2022’s LEGO Icons Optimus Prime (10302), this set promises to be a vital companion, completing the iconic duo. One of the standout features of this brick-built Bumblebee is its ability to transform from vehicle to robot without any disassembly, maintaining its accurate depiction of its TV series counterpart.

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Specifications and Accessories

Bumblebee isn’t just about transformation. The set boasts articulated joints, allowing for a range of dynamic poses. Additionally, it comes equipped with a jetpack and an ion blaster, enhancing its playability and display potential. To complete the look, a stickered display plaque is included, making it a perfect piece for both play and display.

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In robot form, the LEGO Transformers Bumblebee set stands 25cm tall, 8cm wide, and 11cm deep.

The LEGO and Hasbro Collaboration

The LEGO Transformers line-up, which began in 2022, marked a significant collaboration between LEGO and Hasbro. This partnership surprised many fans, as it brought together two major toy industry giants. The success of the 10302 Optimus Prime set paved the way for the new 10338 Bumblebee, showcasing the fruitful results of this unique alliance.

Release Details and Availability

LEGO Insiders will have the privilege of accessing the LEGO Transformers Bumblebee on July 1. This early access provides an excellent opportunity for dedicated fans to secure their set before it becomes widely available.

General Release Date

For those who aren’t part of the LEGO Insiders program, the set will be available on July 4. Whether you’re purchasing from or visiting a LEGO Store, the excitement of adding Bumblebee to your collection is just around the corner.

Take a look at its official photos below including its product description. While you’re at it, please use our affiliate link below if you need this to be added to your LEGO wishlist. I’m sure I will.

LEGO Transformers Bumblebee (10338)

950 pieces | $89.99 | Coming Soon on July 4, 2024

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Rekindle your passion for the Transformers universe with this LEGO Transformers Bumblebee (10338) building project for adults. Craft a meticulously detailed model of the iconic 1980s robot action figure that converts from Autobot to vehicle mode. The Autobot comes with articulated joints, an ion blaster and a jetpack. A display plaque listing power statistics adds the finishing touch for a captivating display.

The LEGO Builder app features a digital version of the building instructions included with this Transformers Bumblebee set. Here, you can zoom in and rotate your model in 3D, track and save your progress and explore new building kits.

This set makes an immersive project for you or a top gift idea for anyone who loves Transformers collectibles. Discover a space for relaxation with the inspiring range of LEGO building sets designed specifically for adults.

  • Transformers robot action figure building set for adults – Collectible LEGO Transformers Bumblebee building project for sci-fi movie enthusiasts
  • What’s in the box? – Everything you need to craft a Transformers Bumblebee action figure with articulated joints, an ion blaster and a jetpack, plus a display plaque
  • A LEGO® robot model – This Transformers Bumblebee replica converts from Autobot to vehicle mode
  • Display as a LEGO® vehicle or an Autobot – Pose Bumblebee’s articulated joints or catch it mid-conversion for a dynamic display suitable for any living space or workplace
  • Transformers robot gift for adults – Give this LEGO® Icons Bumblebee construction set as a gift for Transformers fans and sci-fi movie enthusiasts
  • Includes digital building instructions – The LEGO® Builder app features a digital version of the building instructions included with this LEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee figure
  • Mindful LEGO® projects for adults – This LEGO Icons project is part of a range of advanced building sets designed for adults
  • Dimensions – The Autobot in this 950-piece set stands over 9.5 in. (25 cm) tall, while in vehicle mode it measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 8.5 in. (22 cm) long and 4 in. (11 cm) wide

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