This one seems to have fallen off my brick radar.  The LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat Challenge kicked off earlier this month, inviting LEGO fanbuilders to display their creativity and love for their furry friends. Centered around the popular LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349) set, this challenge offers exciting prizes for the most imaginative and skillful builds.

Unleash Your Creativity in the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat Challenge

What is the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat Challenge?

Launched recently, the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat (21349) set has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, with many regions already reporting it sold out. To celebrate this success and engage the LEGO community, a new challenge focuses on the Tuxedo Cat and other beloved pets. Builders are encouraged to create scenes featuring their brick-built pets, ranging from cats and dogs to more unconventional companions like hamsters and parrots.

Challenge Guidelines and Submission Details

The challenge runs until July 9 (you still have several weeks to show-off those building skills), giving participants ample time to perfect their creations. Here are the essential guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Brick-Built Pets Only: Submissions must feature pets constructed entirely from LEGO bricks. Real animals are not allowed in the entries.

2. Originality: Avoid referencing any existing intellectual property. Your creation should be entirely your own.

3. Creativity and Presentation: Whether it’s a LEGO cat strolling through a cityscape or a hamster on a LEGO wheel, originality and presentation are key.

How to Enter the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat Challenge

lego ideas tuxedo cat challenge

Entering the challenge is pretty straightforward:

1. Create Your Scene: Build a scene featuring your brick-built pet. Let your imagination run wild!
2. Capture Your Creation: Take high-quality photos of your build. Make sure your pet is the star of the show.
3. Submit Your Entry: Head over to the LEGO Ideas website and follow the submission instructions. Include a catchy title and a brief description of your build.

For some inspiration, be sure to check out the entries on the gallery page of the LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat Challenge.

Exciting Prizes Await!

The grand prize for this challenge is a treasure trove of LEGO sets coming from diverse themes – Ideas, Icons, and Creator 3-in-1 – making it a dream come true for any LEGO fan. Additionally, there will be two runners-up who will each receive a smaller selection of sets.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive:

lego ideas tuxedo cat challenge grand prize

Tuxedo Cat (21349)

The Insect Collection (21342)

Adorable Dogs (31137)

The Fauna Collection – Macaw Parrots (31211)

Kingfisher Bird (10331)

Forest Animals: Red Fox (31154)

Wild Safari Animals (31150)

White Rabbit (31133)

Two (2) Runner-Up Winners will also each receive a sizeable LEGO treasure loot including the Tuxedo Cat (21349), (Adorable Dogs (31137), Forest Animals: Red Fox (31154), White Rabbit (31133), and Exotic Parrot (31136).

lego ideas tuxedo cat challenge

Remember, you have until July 9 next month to come up with your unique creations. The LEGO Ideas Tuxedo Cat Challenge is an exciting opportunity to showcase your creativity and love for your pets. With fantastic prizes up for grabs, there’s no better time to start building your dream pet scene.

So gather your bricks, unleash your imagination, and happy building!

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