As the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program gears up for Series 2-3, and Series 4 crowdfunding, anticipation builds for the newly revealed submissions of LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 5.

With 305 unique models now open for voting, LEGO enthusiasts have the chance to shape the future of LEGO sets. This collection features a diverse range of designs, from nostalgic castle themes to innovative modular buildings and intricate smaller builds.

A Closer Look at Some Standout Submissions for the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 5

Let’s take a look at a small section of these LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 finalists. Let us know in the comments below which of the entries suits your brick fancy.

Old Quay by elevendragons

lego bricklink designer program series 5

Travel back in time with Old Quay, a model that captures the essence of a once-bustling waterfront. This scenic LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 entry includes a mix of abandoned and thriving businesses, all set against the backdrop of a decaying hotel. Key features include:

  • Diving Shop and Apartment: A store offering diving expeditions, with the owner’s living quarters above
  • Seafood Shop: A small shop run by a father-son duo, accompanied by their loyal cat.
  • Fish and Chips Corner: A bustling takeaway with a chef preparing orders.
  • Renovating Hotel: A symbol of hope as it undergoes modernization under new ownership.

This intricate model spans two 16×32 baseplates and consists of 4,000 pieces, including 11 minifigures.

Privateer Frigate Fortuna by BrickPerfection

privateer frigate

Set sail with the Privateer Frigate Fortuna, a versatile and formidable ship designed for high-seas adventures. This set brings a new dynamic to the LEGO Pirates theme, featuring:

  • Flags of Major Factions: Including Imperial Soldiers, Guards, Armada, and pirate flags.
  • Accessible Interior: Removable top deck sections for full access below.
  • Functional Cannons and Capstan: Realistic naval battle features with slide-out cannons and operational anchors.
  • Detailed Masts and Hull: Authentic maritime details and a robust technic frame.
  • With 4,000 pieces and 12 minifigures, the Fortuna promises endless creativity and adventure.

Galactic City by enowicki10

lego bricklink designer program series 5

Embark on a cosmic journey with Galactic City, a LEGO Space-inspired model featuring:

  • Three Detachable Tower-Ships: Each capable of independent space exploration.
  • Exploration Shuttles and Interstellar Cruiser: Equipped for interplanetary travel.
  • Asteroid Processing Facility: Complete with drill and trucks for fuel harvesting.
  • Parks and Community Areas: For a touch of greenery in the vastness of space.

Measuring 20.2 x 20.2 inches and 9.1 inches high, this build includes rare colored parts and offers limitless reconfiguration possibilities.

Bricky Bee by JackBrickLover

bricky bee

Celebrate the life of bees with the “Bricky Bee,” a LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 entry inspired by the designer’s beekeeper grandfather. Highlights include:

  • Realistic Design: Achieved with limited colors and a focus on accurate body shapes.
  • Challenging Build: Utilizes a thoughtful selection of bricks to create a lifelike bee and honeycomb.

Dimensions: 41.1 cm wide, 46.4 cm long, and 30.4 cm high, this model pays homage to the crucial role of bees in our ecosystem.

Twin Arrows on Historic Route 66 by PCBrickstore

twin arrows

Relive the nostalgia of Route 66 with Twin Arrows,  a tribute to the iconic roadside attraction. Features that include this LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 are as follows:

  • Twin Arrow Structures: Faithfully recreated to match their real-life counterparts.
  • Classic Car Diorama: Complete with two 1970s-inspired minifigures.
  • Route 66 Sign: Custom sticker included to enhance the build.

This 32-stud wide and 27-stud deep model captures the spirit of a beloved American landmark.

How to Vote and Support Your Favorite LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 Entry

Voting for these models is now open on the BrickLink website. Use the emoji-based system to express your preferences. The community’s votes will help determine which designs move forward to the crowdfunding phase, alongside internal guidelines set by LEGO.

By participating in the voting process for the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 5, LEGO fans can directly influence which models become the next must-have sets. Be sure to check out the rest of the entries to show your support for your favorite designs.


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