In case you missed out on this reveal last month from the LEGO Ideas Review Team, the anticipation has finally ended as the results of the Second LEGO Ideas 2023 Review are officially out.

LEGO Ideas fans are thrilled to see which of the 49 innovative fan-designed sets will soon be joining the LEGO Ideas theme. Let’s dive into the details of the upcoming sets that have captured the hearts and votes of the LEGO community.

Second LEGO Ideas 2023 Review: Exciting New Sets Revealed!

Our Next Confirmed LEGO Ideas Sets

Throughout the duration of the Second LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage, two fan-designed LEGO Ideas sets have been confirmed to move forward into production, and one more is undergoing further review. Here’s a closer look at each of these exciting sets:

Minifigure Prize Machine by Rob Vangansewinkel (aka Goosestore)

second lego ideas 2023 review

Rob Vangansewinkel, known in the LEGO community as Goosestore, is the LEGO fan-designer behind the Minifigure Prize Machine, a set that brings a touch of arcade fun to LEGO Stores.

This Second LEGO Ideas 2023 Review winner resembles a prize machine that you might find near the Build a Minifigure station in any LEGO Store. The design was so well-received by the LEGO Ideas team that it has inspired not one but two upcoming LEGO Ideas Fan Votes. These votes will decide on a new Classic Spaceman color and a new Castle faction emblem, adding an extra layer of excitement and customization to this already delightful set.

Western River Steamboat by Aaron Hall (aka CTDpower)

second lego ideas 2023 review

Aaron Hall, also known as CTDpower, has successfully brought his Western River Steamboat design to life. This detailed build draws inspiration from Hall’s personal experiences growing up along the Mississippi River. His background in architecture and home design, coupled with his time working on a riverboat, is evident in the intricate details of this Second LEGO Ideas 2023 review champ. The Western River Steamboat promises to be a nostalgic and visually stunning addition to the LEGO Ideas lineup.

The Luxo Jr. Lamp: Undergoing Further Review as a Second LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Qualifier

second lego ideas 2023 review

In addition to the two confirmed sets, there is one more design that has piqued the interest of the LEGO Ideas team but hasn’t yet met all the criteria needed to move forward as a Second LEGO Ideas 2023 Review winner. The Disney Pixar’s Luxo Jr. Lamp, designed by T0BY1KENOBI25150.

The iconic lamp, known from Pixar’s opening sequences, has impressed the LEGO Ideas team enough to warrant a second look. An update on whether this charming design will become a full-fledged LEGO Ideas set is expected this summer.

What Happens Next?

With the confirmation of the Minifigure Prize Machine and the Western River Steamboat as this year’s Second LEGO Ideas 2023 Review winners, the LEGO Ideas designers will now collaborate with the fan designers to finalize these sets. This collaboration ensures that the final products not only stay true to the original vision but also meet LEGO’s high standards for quality and playability.

While the current images and details provide an exciting glimpse into what’s to come, it’s worth noting that the final designs may still undergo some changes. As we eagerly await the final versions of these confirmed sets, the excitement within the LEGO community continues to build.

Third LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Results Coming in this Summer!

The LEGO Ideas Review Team still has plenty on their plate as they now gear up for the next cycle of review for the Third LEGO Ideas 2023 Review Stage. With 42 product ideas vying to be the next LEGO Ideas sets, it will be a very busy quarter over at LEGO Ideas HQ. Here’s a glimpse of all 40+ qualifiers for this stage.

third lego ideas 2023 review qualifiers

The Second LEGO Ideas 2023 Review has introduced us to some truly inspiring designs that are set to become cherished additions to the LEGO collection. Whether you’re looking forward to the arcade fun of the Minifigure Prize Machine or the nostalgic charm of the Western River Steamboat, there’s plenty to be excited about.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Luxo Jr. Lamp and other potential LEGO Ideas sets as the year progresses.

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