Here are a couple of upcoming LEGO Ideas sets that I dare not miss. Some time ago, the LEGO Ideas Exploring the Cosmos building contest gave us an exciting glimpse into the future of LEGO Space-themed sets. Thanks to the creativity of LEGO enthusiasts and the meticulous selection process, two remarkable promotional or gifts-with-purchase (GWPs) are set to join the LEGO Ideas family very soon.

LEGO Ideas Exploring the Cosmos: Building Contest Winners Revealed!

The Contest Journey: From Fan Votes to Winner Announcement

lego ideas exploring the cosmos

The journey began with LEGO fans submitting their best space-themed creations. After a round of fan voting and a rigorous expert judging phase, the winners of the LEGO Ideas Exploring the Cosmos contest have finally been announced. This competition featured two categories: Base and Vehicle, each crowning one Grand Prize Winner and two Runners-Up.

The Grand Prize Winners

  • Base Category: Falkorich’s Micro Rail Command Center
  • Vehicle Category: EnchantingNoodle’s Moon Car

These innovative designs will now undergo development to become official LEGO gifts-with-purchase. Along with the honor of seeing their designs turned into real sets, the winners also received a bundle of space-themed LEGO sets.

The Winning Designs: A Closer Look

Micro Rail Command Center by Falkorich

micro rail

Falkorich’s creation for the Base category, the Micro Rail Command Center, features a detailed monorail system, capturing the essence of classic space themes. The design is packed with intricate details and nostalgic elements that are sure to delight LEGO space enthusiasts.

Moon Car by EnchantingNoodle

moon car large

EnchantingNoodle’s Moon Car, the winner of the Vehicle category, brings the fantastical concept of a flying car to life. The design includes a sturdy display stand, allowing the model to be showcased in a dynamic pose. This imaginative set is a testament to the endless possibilities of LEGO building.

What Happens Next?

The two Grand Prize-winning designs of the LEGO Ideas Exploring the Cosmos building contest will now be developed into future LEGO gifts-with-purchase sets. While the final versions of these sets might undergo some modifications during the development process, the initial concepts give us a tantalizing preview of what to expect.

Grand Prizes Galore!

The winners also received an impressive array of LEGO space sets, including:

The four runners-up were also awarded with a couple of exciting LEGO Space sets including the Mars Crew Exploration Rover (42180) and the Tales of the Space Age sets (21340).

LEGO Ideas Exploring the Cosmos Building Contest Runner-Ups

Check out these four runner-ups of the LEGO Ideas Exploring the Cosmos building contest.

Base: Interstellar Spaceport by CleverSnappa077

lego ideas exploring the cosmos

Base: Portal Research and Development by dontMOCme77295

lego ideas exploring the cosmos

Vehicle: Terraforming Bumblebee by yourbrickdesign

terraforming bumblebee

Vehicle: Gas Giant Surfer by Nobricksleft

gas giant surfer


Upcoming Releases and Availability

As of now, there is no confirmed release date for these exciting new LEGO Ideas Exploring the Cosmos GWPs. The development process might introduce slight changes to the final designs, but the core concepts are expected to remain intact. LEGO fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the chance to add these unique sets to their collections.

Stay Engaged with LEGO Ideas

For those who missed out on this contest, there are always new opportunities to showcase your creativity. The LEGO Ideas team frequently launches new challenges, giving builders the chance to see their designs turned into official LEGO sets. Currently, there’s the LEGO Ideas Pets in Play building contest that is still accepting entries until July 9, 2024. Don’t miss your chance to participate and potentially have your design become the next LEGO Ideas set!

The LEGO Ideas Exploring the Cosmos contest has once again demonstrated the incredible talent within the LEGO community. The winning designs, Falkorich’s Micro Rail Command Center and EnchantingNoodle’s Moon Car, are set to become cherished additions to the LEGO universe.

As we await their official release, LEGO fans can look forward to more exciting contests and opportunities to bring their imaginative creations to life. So be sure to stay tuned!

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