LEGO launched a product survey that allows its loyal fan base to catch a glimpse of possible future LEGO merchandise. In a bid to understand consumer preferences and desires, LEGO has launched this product survey to learn more about how AFOLs patronize homeware, clothing, and storage accessories that carry the LEGO branding.

Though the survey seems to have ended already at the time of this publishing, we were able to gather as much info as we could that leads us to some interesting product and LEGO merchandise possibilities for the future.

Possible LEGO Merchandise That Are in the Works

Just to be clear, the following images only show possible LEGO merchandise concepts that we may, or may not have in the future. And since LEGO is having this survey, there is also the possibility that a number of these product concepts may be canned for good, while some may emerge as a new LEGO product eventually. It’s all up in the air as of now, but it’s still interesting to see what LEGO might have in store. So with that out of the way, let’s take a look.

LEGO Inspired Hoodie

lego merchandise

  1. A unique eye-catching LEGO hoodie with a bold and vibrant all-over design.
  2. A simple hoodie featuring a subtle LEGO logo, emphasizing high quality and a minimalist design.
  3. A hoodie showcasing a prominent LEGO logo with an embellished design.


Upscaled LEGO Merchandise and Products

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A LEGO Brick Vase

lego merchandise


Upscaled LEGO Product Lamp

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A set of 4 LEGO design Coasters

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An upscaled LEGO® product storage box

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LEGO T-shirts

A basic and classic plain t-shirt featuring a discreet LEGO® logo, with a focus on quality

lego merchandise


A LEGO® minifigure design t-shirt

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A LEGO® building instructions t-shirt

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A LEGO® blueprint design t-shirt

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Vintage LEGO® theme t-shirt (BIONICLE, Fabuland)

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A LEGO® comic strip t-shirt

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A LEGO® logo evolution t-shirt

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Other LEGO Merchandise and Homeware

A LEGO® travel mug

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A customizable LEGO® grooming/cosmetics bag

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A customizable LEGO® backpack

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A LEGO® plushie toy

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A LEGO® coffee table book

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In my opinion, this is a great selection of LEGO merchandise that may have a good following later on if perchance they become an actual product. I’m a fan of LEGO-inspired shirts, particularly those that highlight LEGO’s rich history. Those collections of upscaled LEGO products are also a must-have for any serious LEGO fan. The LEGO lamps are great to have in any room as well. We just have to wait and see if these possible LEGO merchandise will eventually arrive in stores.

So what do you think of these possibilities? Did you take this survey as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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