The sparkle of this extraordinary find returns to captivate collectors worldwide as a 14-karat gold LEGO BIONICLE Hau mask reappears in the auction spotlight. Initially snagged for an impressive $33,000, this coveted piece, reminiscent of the iconic mask worn by the legendary first-generation LEGO BIONICLE character Tahu, awaits its next fortunate owner.

Unveiling a Precious Relic in the Form of a Gold LEGO BIONICLE Hau Mask

Crafted from authentic yellow gold, this gold LEGO BIONICLE Hau mask is a witness to LEGO’s knack for gifting its employees with collectibles that will surely be in high demand in the aftermarket.

gold lego bionicle hau mask

Believed to be among a select few of approximately 30 ever manufactured. Originating from the early 2000s, these opulent treasures were primarily reserved for employee gifts, promotional giveaways, and contests with only a handful finding their way into the hands of the public.

You can check out some of the details of this brick treasure from a news clip from WKRG.

gold lego bionicle hau mask 3

Discovered amidst a collection of assorted jewelry at a humble Goodwill store in Pittsburgh, US, this exceptional find swiftly garnered attention as its true worth came to light. Spiraling into a fervent bidding war, the mask’s value soared to an astounding $33,000, showcasing the fervor of dedicated collectors vying for a chance to possess this gold LEGO BIONICLE Hau mask.

A Second Chance at Acquisition

However, fortune took a turn as the initial winning bidder, responsible for propelling the bid from $6,500 to its remarkable pinnacle, failed to pay up. Now, with the gold LEGO BIONICLE Hau mask back on the auction block, enthusiasts have another opportunity to stake their claim on this remarkable artifact. With approximately 15 hours remaining in the current bidding cycle, the offer stands at $11,000, a testament to its enduring allure.

Though the precise bidding increments remain concealed, fans are speculating on the driving force behind the renewed interest in this exclusive piece. Despite falling short of its previous zenith, the opportunity to own a piece of BIONICLE history remains enticing, echoing the allure of its platinum counterpart, the Avohkii mask.

Tracing the Journey of Rarity

Reflecting on past transactions, discussions within BIONICLE fan communities shed light on previous exchanges of the 14k gold LEGO BIONICLE Hau mask, fetching prices nearing $4,000 in 2013.

If you wish to know more about how LEGO creates this magnificent piece, you may want to watch their Making of the Gold Masks video explainer below from 2015.

Currently, you can find the gold LEGO BIONICLE Hau Mask still up for auction at with only 3 hours left for bidding. Clicking on the link below will bring you the bidding page of the said item which has a minimum bid of $16,125 (wowzers!)

14K Yellow Gold LEGO Bionicle Hau Mask

Current price: $16,124.00; Minimum bid: $16,125.00

gold lego bionicle hau mask gold lego bionicle hau mask 7 gold lego bionicle hau mask 5 gold lego bionicle hau mask 2 gold lego bionicle hau mask 4 gold lego bionicle hau mask 1

14K yellow gold LEGO Bionicle Hau Mask. Measures approx 1″ tall. Gold tested with Mizar electronic gold tester ET18. Item weighs 26.14g. Item is marked 585. Does not stick to a magnet. 

A necklace chain is not included. 

Truly a unique, rare, collectible piece! Item was previously bid up to $33.000.00, but was unpaid so it’s been automatically relisted. We would love to beat the world record price for this item!


As the bidding fervor intensifies (with 33 bidders now listed), prospective buyers (and those with cash to burn) might as well hurry up since there are only 3 hours left for bidding as of this posting.

So what do you think of this extraordinary relic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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