Are you ready to blast off into the cosmos with LEGO’s latest offering? In case you missed it, LEGO has just revealed its next promotional or gift-with-purchase (GWP) set in the likes of the nostalgic LEGO Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712). This is an exclusive treat for all LEGO Insiders, accompanied by two adorable space-themed minifigures.

Embark on a Galactic Journey with LEGO’s Limited Edition Micro Rocket Launchpad

Relive those nostalgic space adventures with this next promotional offer from LEGO. Dive inside the LEGO Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712) – a fun, brick-built celestial delight for avid LEGO Space aficionados. This miniature marvel awaits all LEGO Insiders, beckoning with its intricately designed components and nostalgic homage to classic LEGO Space sets of yesteryears.

lego micro rocket launchpad

A Nostalgic Tribute to Classic LEGO Space Sets

The LEGO Micro Rocket Launchpad 40712 lets you step back in time, paying homage to the iconic LEGO Classic Space sets such as the Alpha Rocket Base (483), Mobile Rocket Transport (6950), and Space Patrol (6803), cherished by all LEGO Space fans from 1978 to 1983.

Meet the New Space Explorers: Tiny Astronaut Minifigures

Accompanying this stellar gift-with-purchase set are two endearing astronaut minifigures, reminiscent of the beloved Spacebaby accessory from the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series Series 24 (71037). While dubbed ‘micro space characters’ in its product listing, any LEGO CMF fan knows them endearingly as the ‘space baby minifigures’. These tiny cosmonauts exude charm with their classic smiley faces, tugging at our nostalgic heartstrings for vintage LEGO Space sets.

Unveiling Exclusive Mini-Models

In addition to the captivating minifigures, the LEGO Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712) features four exclusive mini-models, including a rocket launchpad, a space station, rocket transport, and a spaceship, igniting the imagination and paving the way for boundless adventures in the vast expanse of space.

Valued at $30, the LEGO Micro Rocket Launchpad is expected to be available as a promotional set towards the end of this month.

Unlocking Access: LEGO Insiders Exclusive Offer

Exclusively available to LEGO Insiders, the Micro Rocket Launchpad 40712 awaits all space enthusiasts with qualifying orders above £180 / $200 / €200 until February 18. For those beyond the inner circle, the launchpad becomes accessible from February 19 to 25, subject to availability. Hurry, as stocks may vanish into the cosmic abyss sooner than anticipated.

If you’re not part of the LEGO Insiders community yet, then better take a leap and join today to unlock a universe of exclusive offers and benefits. To know more about this exclusive, out-of-this-world gift, then check out its official product description below.

LEGO Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712)

325 pieces | Includes 2 micro space minifigure characters | Promotional set valued at $29.94

40712 box1 v39 40712 box5 v39

Nostalgic adult LEGO® fans and kids aged 9+ can collect, build and play with these awesome LEGO Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712) space toys. Inspired by the iconic LEGO space sets from between 1978 and 1983, it features 4 micro models: the rocket launchpad and space station from Alpha Rocket Base (483), the rocket transport vehicle from Mobile Rocket Transport (6950) and the spaceship from Space Patrol (6803). The set also comes with 2 micro space characters in spacesuits and helmets for role play.

  • LEGO® space toys – Nostalgic adult LEGO fans and kids aged 9+ can collect, build and play out space adventures with the LEGO Micro Rocket Launchpad building kit
  • 4 micro space models – The playset includes a rocket on a launchpad, rocket transport vehicle, space station and a spaceship
  • LEGO® nostalgia set – The 4 micro models are inspired by iconic LEGO space sets produced between 1978 and 1983: the Alpha Rocket Base (483), Mobile Rocket Transport (6950) and Space Patrol (6803) kits
  • 2 microspace characters – The set includes 2 micro space characters in spacesuits and helmets, which can be placed inside the spaceship, space base and rocket transport vehicle for role play
  • LEGO® gift – This space playset provides a bonding experience as adults and kids build together, and it can be given as a gift to a nostalgic adult LEGO fan or a boy or girl aged 9 and up
  • Measurements – This 324-piece LEGO® building set includes a rocket launchpad that measures over 5.5 in. (15 cm) high


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