by Lukas Mack

It might be school holidays for the little ones, but there’s no break for Perth’s biggest build night! July’s Buildapalooza was another big success with a great turnout. That can’t be said for our AWOL prize-winning members but I’m already getting ahead of myself. All the prizes, builds and general chaos are wrapped up in a nice little bow in this month’s edition of the Build Night Break Down below!

Just a quick word for those who might be new or wishing to come along to one of our build nights. Buildapalooza is PerthLUG’s regular social event where on the second Monday of the month we bring along a Lego set and just build and socialise. We’re a friendly bunch from all walks of life. It’s just $5 for non-members to help keep the lights on. More details at the bottom of the page.

Now let’s dive in with the month’s Members’ Draw because this one was MASSIVE. A total of SEVEN prizes in fact. The Members’ Draw is open to all paid members and as a perk, your name is thrown into the barrel whether you can make it to the night, had to leave early or whatever it may be. Out of seven prizes, somehow all seven winners were absent at the time of the draw! Unbelievable. So if you missed it last night you might want to pay verrrry close attention to the names below.

Members’ Draw

Bumblebee 10338: Rob B.
Succulents 10309 (Kindly donated by The LEGO Group): Ben H.
Dried Flower Centrepiece 10314 (Kindly donated by The LEGO Group): Mathew S.
Bouquet of Roses 10328 (Kindly donated by Judy): G.
Winter Market Store 40602 (Kindly donated by Amy: Natalie H.
Alien Pack 40715: James C.
Large LEGO Mug (Kindly donated by The LEGO Group): Jasper G.

But that’s not all for prizes this month. Including our bonus raffle, that brings the total prize pool to TEN Lego sets! Our Bonus Raffle is just that; a totally optional draw anyone can enter with tickets limited to 100 only. At just two bucks each, them some decent odds. This month we gave away the new Jungle Explorer Helicopter (the one with the gorillas!), the fun Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus and the adorably cute little Simba. Congrats go to Liam, Patrick and Jacob respectively. And to alllll our winners last night, have fun with all that Lego!

On the chopping block this month for the Parts Draft was the new Harry Potter Potions Class 76431. I can see why with several highly desirable new elements in there. I’ve had my eye on those new large potion bottles ahhh! Very nice pick. For those not in the know, the Parts Draft is a great way to bring along one set and take home bulk-sorted parts for your collection. For more information just follow us over at the PerthLUG Facebook page but in short, it’s a wonderful resource for any MOC builder.

And, as is tradition here, I was out with camera in hand pestering all folk for a little peek at what they were building. It’s always so much fun roaming about and seeing new sets or old sets, new to me in person. First off, Lande’s Creator camera is a must-buy on my list and is joined here by Samuel’s White Rabbit set working the controls.

Meanwhile, Wendy finished up the Exotic Peacock with its very showy colours. Brooke completed her series 26 Space collectible minifigure set. I’ll take that M-Tron dude off your hands please and thank you! And showing us all what ‘class’ is, Jo rolls in with the Retro Radio – including one of those new sound bricks hidden inside I learned. This thing is utterly gorgeous!

Not to be outdone, Kayleigh demonstrates just what a grand build the Ninjago Gardens is with this early teaser. It better be finished next month Kayleigh, we need a follow-up pic. Just kidding! Kinda.

And finally, exemplifying perfectly the definition of ‘Pride cometh before a fall’, I offer you the cautionary tale of Liam in this triptych of terror!

Though he may have spilled his haul of 1×2 trans-blue tiles, you needn’t feel too bad for the fella – this guy won the Bonus Raffle first prize remember. Cheers and commiserations mate, thanks for being a good sport and enjoy that big City set.

And that’s all folks, we’re done for another month but if you’re interested in coming to one of our build nights, Buildapalooza is back again in August as usual on the second Monday (12th) at our normal time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman St, South Perth. Everyone is absolutely welcome. Hope to see you there!


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