by Lukas Mack

It might be getting colder and colder in Perth but the weather won’t stop us here at PerthLUG from getting together for Buildapalooza! Our monthly build nights are always bustling and, as usual, I’m here to fill you in and catch you up. Wanna see some cool builds? Wanna see who won what prize? I’ve got you covered.

Just real quick first for those who might be new or wishing to come along to one of our build nights. Buildapalooza is PerthLUG’s regular social event where on the second Monday of the month we bring along a Lego set and just build and socialise. We’re a friendly bunch and there are no expectations. It’s just $5 for non-members to help keep the lights on. More details at the bottom of the page.

Now let’s jump to the prizes because, like last month, we had a heap to give away. Members who weren’t here on the night might want to pay special attention since a lucky two of you have wins coming your way too! Paid members have their names in the draw even if they can’t attend and what a profitable perk that has proven to be over the last few months! Enough prattle, here we go!

Members’ Draw

Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit 42179: Vicki H
Polaroid Camera 21345: Ryan V (Graciously accepted by Katja!)
Tiny Plants 10329 (Kindly donated by The LEGO Group): Julia G
Dried Flower Centrepiece 10314 (Kindly donated by The LEGO Group): Mark H
Big Lego Mug (Kindly donated by The LEGO Group): Ian W

And we also had an extra, totally optional bonus raffle. Limited to just 100 numbers and only $2ea that ain’t half bad in my biased opinion. Our big, big congratulations go to Libby A and Sully O who took home the spectacular Harry Potter Diagon Alley (76422) and wacky Minions & Banana Car (75580) respectively. Congrats again to all our winners!

The Parts Draft folk chose the cute little Asha’s Cottage (43231) this month as their sacrificial set. Definitely a fun little set with some bright and colourful pieces. For those not in the know, the Parts Draft is a great way to bring along one set and take home bulk sorted parts for your collection. For more information just follow us over at the PerthLUG Facebook page but in short, it’s a wonderful resource for any MOC builder.

And finally, let’s take a look at a sample of what people were actually building. Thanks to everyone who tolerated me shoving my nosy way into their conversations and building projects. There’s just so much neat stuff to see and so much to share with everyone here!

Nicky’s little Simba from Lion King was adorable except that I can’t help seeing the ears as little mandarin slices. I was able to discuss this with Nicky and we both decided I am not the weird one…Moving swiftly on, Helena showed off one of the parrots from the new Fauna line. I think a lot of people were impressed by the remarkable scale and presence of this one pink parrot. A little unexpected but that’s why we do this build highlight section! And, not to be outdone, Tilda’s 3in1 Creator Fox has an amazing fur texture and wonderful posability.

Meanwhile, Hannah showed us a cute red panda in Japan. Absolutely precious! And Tadhg added to his ever-growing fleet of exotic cars with a Merc, a Lambo and I’m sure a half-dozen more I missed throughout the evening. Awesome you lot!

Tim showed us that Buildapalooza isn’t just for off-the-shelf set building, but also for working on your own creations. I can’t tell you exactly what he’s cooking up (it’s a secret shh) but it looks like he’s all sorted for parts…well for now at least.

I really need to get on with some sorting myself so that’s all I have for you this month. Another great night with awesome attendance. Thanks to everyone who rocked up and a huuuuuge thanks to our volunteers who make these nights happen.

If you’re interested in coming to one of our build nights, Buildapalooza is back again next month as usual on the second Monday, 8th July at our normal time and place; 7-11pm at John McGrath Pavilion off Hensman St, South Perth. Everyone is absolutely welcome. Hope to see y’all there!


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