It’s been a few years since we designed our original kinetic sculpture of a group of prairie dogs, and we’re happy to say it is now available as a fun new set from CADA. This newly updated model features 4 of the cute rodents hanging around the entrance to their burrow, each one moving in a different way. You can see it in action and get all the details in the video below, or continue reading for more info.

The set features 1148 pieces and is now available from CADA’s website for $74.99 USD. The set has been given a major facelift, and is much more vibrant than the original model.

It features more detail on the surface, with the addition of desert plants and cacti, as well as some cute signs depicting life in the prairie dog colony.

The movement of 3 of the the prairie dogs are unchanged from the original. One is looking out of the upper entrance, scanning the horizon for predators, one is furiously wagging its tail, and one is moving in and out of the lower entrance in the front. The fourth one now opens and closes its mouth, as prairie dogs are know for the chirping sounds they make.

It’s a great set to learn basic mechanics and how to add movement to a model. A collection of axles and gears route the rotation of a single crank in the back to all of the individual mechanisms. You can also connect a motor (not included) to the back if you would like have it run on its own.

This is the third set we’ve collaborated with CADA on, following the Solar System and Safe, which are also still available.