The Elmont Library held their annual Family Fun Day and invited I LUG NY to display their LEGO creations as part of this fun filled family friendly event. This was the 3rd time our members have been invited over the past 12 months to be a part of the activities hosted by the library.

Each time we have participated, the display has differed. Members who have participated previously share different creations. Our displays have also changed because new members have had the chance to participate and share their own creations with the attendees.

As a longtime/founding member, I have been impressed by the excitement and enthusiasm that not only our veteran members bring to the show but also by the newer members. Eyal’s castle on the hill and medieval layout amazes guests. Jason’s spaceship MOCs are stunningly and colorfully detailed. Nicole’s sculptural mosaic of her son is a different take on mosaics from what the mosaic builders in the group have created previously. Elisa’s golden alien garden is a stunning monochromatic addition to our LUG Garden Collaborative. Keith and Marielle’s fantastic additions to our LUG apartment collab were created after the first meeting they attended. Eric’s Yellow Castle and modified Blacksmith’s Shop are beautifully detailed. Marielle’s Up-scaled Santa minifig is the first of hopefully a few more takes on this great set. Jeremy’s Cantonese Restaurant MOC of his family’s restaurant is teeming with lively details. Elisa and Marielle’s mosaics grabbed viewer’s attention as they entered the room where our display was housed.

Eyal’s Castle on a Hill

In all, the LUG had nearly 20 members in attendance. Our LUG is celebrating 15 years of building friendships in 2024 and it is inspiring to see that we are still growing as a club.

The Elmont Library has invited the LUG to display again in the not too distant future at another of their upcoming events.

To see more pictures of our display, head on over to our instagram page!