An Infamous Steve Contest participant has completed the Round #1 First to 25 Creative Critic Objective!

They’ve triumphed over the competition to succeed as the first Creative Critic to write 25 Critic Replies to Building Entry Topics.

So let’s give a round of applause to…


Horation was a latecomer to the First to 25 Challenges, assuming the mantle an entire 2 weeks after the Challenges had commenced.

Most of his rival Creative Critics demonstrated a high degree of complacency, enabling Horation to easily close the distance and overtake them in less than a day.

First to 25 Challenges Progress Report: July 2

A snapshot of Creative Critics progress around the time Horation claimed victory

Math Wizard, was a strong contender for First Place, with 22 Replies at the time of Horation’s arrival.

However, an unexpected Internet outage delayed the submission of the Wizard’s final three Replies, costing him the Prize!

Steve participating in the First to 25 Critic Challenge

Steve knows complacency costs you Prizes!

The moral of this story:

Go above and beyond to craft your Replies. Reply to ALL the Building Entry Topics and ask Building Entrants about their creations to ensure the conversation continues… giving you further opportunities to Reply.

But most importantly, DO NOT hesitate! Or someone will beat you to the Prizes!

The Prizes

Horation, who is based in Canada, was awarded a 35€ LEGO Prize, which at the time of award, was equivalent to $51 Canadian dollars.

First to 25 Critic Challenge Prize

You get to choose your prizes – this is what Horation chose

Horation chose to split the 35€/$51 CAD value over two LEGO sets, 501st Clone Troopers™ Battle Pack and Ambush on Mandalore™ Battle Pack both retailing for 24.99 CAD.

Which LEGO Sets would you choose?

Future First to 25 Critic Challenges

Question 1:

Would you be interested in participating in a Critic Challenge?

It’s just a matter of writing helpful replies on Building Entries, and if you need more direction, scope out this Creative Critic advice to get the edge on your competition!


Are yer interested in a First to 25 Critic Challenge?

Don’t know what that is?  Learn about First to 25 Challenges.

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Question 2:

And what be most enticing to you?

More valuable prizes OR more opportunities to WIN?


Which is the most enticing?
If ‘Other’ is filled, checked answers are ignored.

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Let us know!  If there’s enough interest we may host more Challenges with even more valuable Prizes in the near future!

Photography Credit

Not everyone be an aspiring photographer nor has time for photography to acquire the perfect sigfig photo (forum avatar image).

So a busy Creative Critic like Horation took a shortcut and borrowed a photo taken by photographin_lego.

So we’d like to thank photographin_lego for this beautiful imagery and recommend you follow this talented photographer on Instagram.

That said, we prefer members of the LEGO Pirates Forum to provide their own photography for their sigfigs.

What Do Yer Think?

Are these Creative Critic Challenges worth a crack?  What kind of Prizes would you like to win? Do you have yer own suggestions for future Challenges?

Steve offering more valuable Prizes for the First to 25 Challenges

Steve would like to know: do you prefer more valuable prizes or more opportunities to WIN?

Also don’t forget… there still be the Grand Prize, a 215€ LEGO Prize awarded to the overall best performing Creative Critic, as determined by Participants at the end of the Contest.

In the meantime…  Sail over to the LEGO Pirates Forum and let share yer thoughts on the Challenge and Prizes!