The Infamous Steve Contest has officially begun!

You may now submit your Building Entries in the LEGO Pirates MOC Sub-Forum and leave Creative Critic feedback on Builder Entry Topics.

Plus more opportunities to WIN PRIZES are soon to commence…

But I don’t have a Steve Minifigure!

Including the Steve minifigure is NOT mandatory, nor is including The Cutter ship.

Steve can depicted at any age, wearing any clothes… on any ship or location… maybe when he’s older he has a grey beard… or no beard at all…

Your Entry could also be focused on a supporting character or not even have minifigures. For example; a mini build.

First to 25 Challenges

These challenges commence after 5 different Building Entrants have submitted one Entry Topic each.

We have challenges for both Creative Critics and Building Entrants – each Challenge provides you with the opportunity to WIN a 25€ LEGO set of your choice.

The Infamous Steve Contest: First to 25 Challenges

Complete smaller Challenges to WIN Prizes on your way to the Grand Prize!

You can even enter both challenges… and potentially WIN TWO Prizes!

But get in early because there will be less competition and easier to WIN!

Featured Threesome

First in, first featured! Who will it be?

The Infamous Steve Contest: Featured Threesome

Just imagine your Entry in one of those frames…

The first three entries Posted (by different builders) will be Featured to promote the Contest during its early days.

What Do Yer Think?

Are yer ready to set sail with Steve?

The Infamous Steve Contest: Set sail with Steve

Where in the world will you take Steve?

It has begun!

To Enter the contest be sure to read the: