This week’s digital instructions are the Mark V + WWI Trenches and the Sopwith Camel!

Now, here’s a look at the week ahead…

This week’s Friday drop will feature two new preorders, the Focke Wulf Fw 190 and HUMVEE® M1167 TOW Carrier! The HUMVEE® will come with the option to add up to 4x of the new US Army Modern Vehicle Crewman, each of which will be 25% off through Monday ONLY! Plus, the Focke Wulf Fw 190 will give you the option to add one of several custom unit markings also only through Monday.

The ready to ship items this week include the 1/72nd scale Lockheed Martin® F-22 Raptor® (SOLD OUT online) now shipping to stores, as well as the M1278 JLTV with USMC Turret which is still available and will be ready to ship come Friday.

Also shipping out this week, the Dwellers – Custom Minifig 2-Pack – SOLD OUT online! Those of you able to order online got the option to select your vault number and while we are sending copies to each store, you’ll have to act fast if you have a particular featured vault in mind.

Finally, Micro Brick Battle fans will get access to the new custom created muzzle brakes in black, dark gray, and dark tan, and the USMC flag will be available stand alone.

It all hits the web Friday at 8:00 AM CDT on! Stay tuned for previews and have a great week!