Save $5 and secure your Weekend Pass for World War Brick 2025 with code: WWB25 at checkout! Plus, new digital downloads and upcoming previews of this Friday’s awesomeness including the Type 94 WWII Japanese Truck and EF2000 Typhoon!

Here’s a more comprehensive look at the week(s) ahead…

Brickmania’s Chicago Store anniversary pizza party was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!

As is typical during Summer months, we’re already on to the next one as we prepare for TANKFEST 2024 in Bovington, UK! We’re bringing a full crew, tons of goodies, and Micro Brick Battle! We’ll do our best to post content from the event and keep things running smooth back at the HQ. However, please understand if the next few weeks see a hiccup or two as we coordinate between the USA and UK to keep the web store up and active.

Now, onto the good stuff!

Ready to ship FRIDAY online, and to stores: Saturday Matinee Pt V (Fuel Truck and Watch Tower), Old Faithful (WWII British Field Marshall’s Staff Car), and the Apocalypse Trooper custom minifig!

Preordering FRIDAY at 8:00 AM CDT on the Type 94 WWII Japanese Truck and EF2000 Typhoon! Stay tuned for previews as preorder assets are completed!