With the first teaser for the next LEGO® Technic Ultimate Car dropping earlier this week, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the past four sets in the series. Technic has always offered advanced building techniques to create complex vehicles or constructions. But those advanced build offerings were elevated in 2016, with the release of what would become the first of the LEGO Technic Ultimate Car Series sets. These highly detailed builds are created in close partnership with major automotive brands including Bugatti and Ferrari.

Technic Ultimates

The line-up began with a 1:8 scale recreation of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. This 2704-piece set offered a highly detail take on the German sports car. It was one of the first Technic sets to showcase the luxury of the car brand through the set’s packaging. This elevated the build experience, with plenty of extra material in the set’s instructions booklet. Each set also featured a special element featuring a unique code which unlocked additional content. Plus several new elements were created just for this set.

Two years after the release of the Porsche 911, the second car in the series was unveiled as the Bugatti Chiron. The marketing for this set was incredible with the Technic team in partnership with Bugatti, crafting a full-sized version of the supercar. The ‘Build for Real’ campaign saw engineers use over a million elements including over 2000 motors to recreate a drivable version of the car. The smaller version of the car continued with advanced build experience and offered content beyond the build including a great podcast series charting the creation of the set and the history of the Bugatti brand.

In 2020, Lamborghini’s Sián FKP 37 supercar inspired the latest Technic Ultimate Car. The 3696-piece set boasted the same elevated build experience as previous sets, with a high-quality instruction booklet, unique packaging and a highly detailed 1:8 replica of the car. To mark the release of the set, a 1:1 scale recreation of Sián was created and unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Although similar to the large-scale Bugatti Chiron, the ‘Build for Real’ Lamborghini Sián couldn’t be driven.

The latest LEGO Technic Ultimate Car was released in 2022 and was inspired by Ferrari’s Daytona SP3. It currently boasts the largest piece count for an Technic Ultimate Car, being crafted from 3778 elements. As with previous sets, exclusive content was created for the owners of the set but this was expanded on with a high-quality coffee table book. This came in two versions with the first being limited to 5000 pieces. The Sense of Perfection book delved deep into the set’s creation, offering a unique insight into how the LEGO Design Team works with car brands to create the best representations of these iconic vehicles.


The fifth in the LEGO Technic Ultimate Car will be based on a McLaren supercar and is expected to be revealed soon, as it was teased earlier this week. It will join other McLaren sets including various Speed Champions sets, smaller Technic sets and a retro LEGO Icons set.

42056: Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Released: 2016 | Pieces: 2704


42083: Bugatti Chiron

Released: 2018 | Pieces: 3599


42115: Lamborghini Sián FKP 37

Released: 2020 | Pieces: 3696


42143: Ferrari Daytona SP3

Released: 2022 | Pieces: 3778

42143: Ferrari Daytona SP3

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