Last back it was revealed that a new four-part LEGO® Star Wars animation special would be coming to Disney+. LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy takes a look at the galaxy far, far away if things had played out differently to the Star Wars stories we all know and love. Now two new LEGO Star Wars sets based on the upcoming series have been revealed by online retailer FNAC. The new sets include 75389: The Dark Falcon which features a black Millennium Falcon ship and six minifigures. This includes Beach Luke, Jedi Vader, Darth Jar-Jar, Darth Rey, Darth Dev and Bounty Hunter C-3PO. The second set is 75393: TIE Fighter & X-Wing Mash-up. As the name suggests, it features two iconic Star Wars ships but they can be taken apart and rebuilt to create a TIE Wing and an X-Fighter. The set also features five minifigures, including new characters Yesi Scala and Sig Greebling along with a Rebel Pilot and a TIE Pilot. Plus a unique droid called L3-GO. Via Jay’s Brick Blog.

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