In 2022, LEGO® Ideas launched a Test Lab challenge that asked builders to create small, easy-to-build models designed using digital building programs. The idea was that these creations would use a small number of bricks and could be made available through the Pick A Brick service on Last year those designs were added to the online Pick a Brick service and in September, the LEGO Ideas Test Lab asked fan builders to create unique minifigure display stands. Since the winners were announced, things went quiet and as far as I remember, the fan designed stands were never officially announced as being available. However, they are available on the Pick A Brick service. There were 7 designs chosen, their images haven’t been added but you can see what the final designs look like by viewing the instructions. It’s also worth noting that a couple of the PaB packs are showing as ‘out of stock’ which I think is due to some of the elements now being retired but you can still access the instructions and use your own bricks to build them. Learn more here.

LEGO Pick a Brick Models Round 2

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