We Have Two Beautiful Sets With LEGO® Fan Requested Scenes And Highly Collectible Minifigures

LEGO® Group is finally catching on to how much the brick community adores minifigures and Star Wars—but let’s be real, they have always known.

Two sets have been revealed for release in August 2024: LEGO® 75396: Desert Skiff and Sarlacc Pit and LEGO® 75385: Ahsoka Tano’s Duel On Peridea. Both sets contain iconic scenes, characters we love, and unique minifigure printing we can’t wait to get our hands on. Let’s cover the sets, the scenes, the pieces, and the minifigures in our preliminary Baumlinks LEGO® Reviews of these sets!

LEGO® 75396 Desert Skiff & Sarlacc Pit Front Box
LEGO® Star Wars 75385 Ahsoka Tano's Duel On Peridea

A Return of the Jedi Classic: Desert Skiff and Sarlacc Pit 75396

LEGO® 75396 Desert Skiff & Sarlacc Pit Front Box
LEGO® 75396 Desert Skiff & Sarlacc Pit Back Box

The Scene

We all know this one: the trumpet blasts as each character looks at the other, R2-D2 launches Luke’s custom-built green lightsaber into the air, and the Jedi motif plays as Luke begins to slash through all of Jabba the Hutt’s henchmen on sail barges. And yes, you still get a Sarlacc Pit with the hungry Sarlacc ready to eat Boba Fett alive!

The Pieces and Price

With 558 pieces, the price is a bit steep at $79.99—unfortunately, LEGO® has learned that fans like myself will shell out whatever it takes for this set. We are looking at a bank-breaker and a solid 2 hours of nostalgic build time.

The Minifigures

Desert Skiff and Sarlacc Pit Built Scene 75396

The LEGO® Star Wars minifigures in this set are out of this galaxy and highly collectible IMHO. Plus, you get five total:

Luke Skywalker: Classic Return of the Jedi attire with beautiful grey printing for his Jedi master robe.

Han Solo: Squinting after just being woken up after being captured alive in Carbonite.

Chewbacca: Our furry friend comes with his iconic ammo sash and headpiece.

Lando Calrissian: Comes in his undercover Jabba the Hutt henchmen gear on the sail barge.

Nien Numb: Collectible Sullustan minifigure who joins the Rebel Alliance.

The Overall Baumlinks Review

This set is wicked expensive for only 558 pieces. However, you do get an iconic scene and five wonderfully remastered (and reprinted) minifigures unique to this set. The Sarlacc Pit in Return of the Jedi is well-known and much-loved as an investment piece. It is a marvelous display piece and a set to buy/hold on to for the long haul! I am looking forward to this LEGO® Star Wars August 2024 release. As for me, I like the set.

Ahsoka Tano Brought To Life: Ahsoka Tano’s Duel On Peridea 75385

Ahsoka Tano's Duel On Peridea 75385 Front Of Box Sealed
Ahsoka Tano's Duel On Peridea 75385 Fully Built Display

The Scene

The Disney+ show Ahsoka has only released one season so far—hopefully, more are planned for release. There are currently a plethora of Ahsoka-related LEGO® sets, as the Anakin Skywalker padawan is loved by the Star Wars community. This scene comes from the final episode of the season and the final assault on Peridea (a kind of mystical planet where Thrawn was marooned). Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and Ahsoka lead a charge against Thrawn and Morgan Elsbeth under some with and Sith pillars.

The whole battle was nuts, and the Storm Trooper zombies were an adrenaline-inducing touch!

The Pieces and Price

Still wicked steep pricing for this set. We have 384 pieces with an estimated cost of $54.99—sheesh. Well, again, here you pay for the minifigures and the scene, not the piece count itself. The set will most likely take you a maximum of 1.5 hours to complete.

The Minifigures

Ahsoka Tano's Duel On Peridea Minfigures Left To Right In 75385

Again, the minifigures are out of this galaxy and why the set is so expensive. You get the following five minifigures:

Ahsoka Tano: The elder Jedi Master now and posed with her two iconic grey lightsabers.

Ezra Bridger: Stunning printing on his red robe and comes with his blue saber.

Morgan Elsbeth: The green blade for her witch-sith weapon is a one-of-a-kind build for this set.

Grand Admiral Thrawn: Exceptional minifigure and has the opportunity to significantly drive down the cost of the existing Thrawn LEGO® minifigures.

Night Trooper: Undead? Storm Trooper? Alive? All of the above? And, it comes with awesome Storm Trooper battled damaged armor.

The Overall Baumlinks Review

Both sets before us are extremely pricey, but you cannot deny another five exceptional minifigures in LEGO® Star Wars Ahsoka Tano’s Duel On Peridea 75385. The summer 2024 lineup for Star Wars sets is strong—the force is with these sets! I love the set and consider it a Baumlinks buy without question.

End The Summer With Epic Star Wars Builds

With these two sets, LEGO® 75396: Desert Skiff and Sarlacc Pit and LEGO® 75385: Ahsoka Tano’s Duel On Peridea you are in for a desert-sail-barge load of fun. You can look forward to the end of Summer with these August 2024 LEGO® Star Wars sets.

While the prices are high, and the piece count is low, the LEGO® Star Wars minifigures contained will last a lifetime—and, have the potential to double your investment as a LEGO® resale purchase!

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