The Plastic Brick Is Near And Dear To Our Hearts And Hobbies Even After It Breaks Our Bank Accounts

LEGO® is an expensive hobby…a very expensive hobby. So, why do everyday individuals and consumers indulge so willingly? For starters, and most cliché, LEGO® is a magnificent tether to the past, present, and future — there are few toys that can capture the essence of color and life in a plastic brick.

A Little LEGO® Minifigure Standing On Top Of Coins
LEGO® Is Worth Everything

Is It Really That Expensive?

It depends on how you look at it. I will make an argument that LEGO® as a hobby is not that expensive, and not only is it not that expensive, but it comes packaged with a plethora of lovely bonuses that are good for your health.

It Helps With Your Hand-Eye Coordination

The small brick helps to stimulate our minds and our creativity. Whether you are following LEGO® booklets, or building a MOC of your own, keep your mind as sharp as those plastic studs by engaging with all your favorite themes.

It Is Safe And Fun

LEGO® is made of an extremely durable plastic called ABS. Even if a little LEGO® piece is swallowed, chances are you are going to be just fine. It is a safe activity to perform quietly and quaintly at your desk — few hobbies allow for that level of safety and enjoyment.

It Is Cooperative (Bring The Family)

How expensive can a hobby like LEGO® be if it creates memories that last a lifetime with your family? I myself have fond memories of building the plastic bricks with my dad. Like the LEGO®, I will carry those with me for the rest of my life.

Compared To Other Hobbies

You could do a lot worse. Other model building hobbies and table top games can run you a fortune — thousands of dollars. LEGO® can be expensive as you want it to be. If you want to keep your expensive hobby in check, stray away from the retired Lord of the Rings LEGO® sets!

You Enjoy It

A hobby is always worth the price if you are having a blast building and creating with the LEGO® sets you buy. Feeling good and playing in color is never a bad thing.

Your LEGO® Might Be Worth Something Down The Line

How many hobbies give you tangible toys that might be worth a fortune down the line? LEGO® is expensive due to its quality, demand, supply, and the fact that fans will shell out good money for no-longer-made minifigures and sets. So, if your set is used and retired, you can still look to make some money back with LEGO® investing tips and tricks!

LEGO® Is Not As An Expensive Hobby As You Think

Seriously, live a little. LEGO® is benign when it comes to things you could be obsessed with or hobbies you spend too much money on. If a little LEGO® keeps you safe and happy, have fun! Just remember to save all those pieces just in case you decide to resell them at a later date. Cheers!

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