LEGO® is one of the greatest toys ever made and the growing demand shows no sign of stopping. Some sets and minifigs have cemented themselves in the culture of plastic brick fans across the globe — LEGO® Bionicle is no exception.

This discontinued theme from LEGO® saw the first creation of the ball and socket joint, providing new forms of articulation for the toy. For diehard fans, these were some of the coolest sets ever made! And fans love to drive up the price…

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The History Of LEGO® Bionicle: From Savior To Snoozefest

The new, articulated LEGO® sets that came packaged in iconic tubes, almost as if they were sent down from starships from above, made their way to retail shelves in 2001. While initial sets did technically come onto the scene in Europe in the early 2000s, these were solely market-testing sets. Initially, Bionicle sets were a massive hit and were pivotal in saving LEGO® from its financial mishaps of the early 2000s.

From 2001-2009, LEGO® Bionicle was one of the top-performing themes in the LEGO® arsenal. From lore to movies, the theme expanded with a devoted market and a growing media library. However, dwindling sales saw the first sign of bad luck for the theme. Also, the expansive lore inhibited new consumers from joining the fun. Ultimately, Bionicle moved from futuristic pods and displays to storage closets.

In a last-ditch attempt to revive the theme, LEGO® released new Bionicle sets in 2015, but the theme was quickly sunsetted in 2016 citing the lack of interest and sales.

With All The Mishaps, LEGO® Bionicle Sets Are Still Expensive

Still wondering why LEGO® Bionicle sets are so darn expensive?

The answer is quite simple: Think of the target demographic and their age at the time. When Bionicle first came out, most of the target demographic was six to twelve years old — now, that generation is close to thrity and have become adult fans of LEGO®!

With changing times and the need to feel nostalgia in tumultuous times, LEGO® Bionicle is in high demand with fans who now have grown older and have disposable income. Most importantly, you couple that demand with a lack of supply (for a forever-discontinued theme) and you see prices skyrocket!

Does This Make LEGO® Bionicle A Good Investment?

That is an exceptional question! It depends. I am a massive fan of LEGO® Lord of The Rings sets which are outrageously expensive, but that is because these sets have a phenomenal resale value new and used. Certain figures in the Bionicle theme can go for a lot of money. If you buy a bulk lot of Bionicle parts off of eBay, you can try to piece them together to resell. This is pretty much the only way I know to profit off of Bionicle — Frankenstein-ing pieces together.

However, truth be told, if you are a fan of Bionicle, you should always buy the set. Price should never, ever deter your love for the plastic brick and all its iconic themes!

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