Why yes they do! LEGO® offers a wide range of benefits for employees, which include PTO, robust health insurance, discounts, 401K match, and electronic meal vouchers.

But, there is also a hidden benefit of the LEGO® set discount for employees that does come with a pretty large caveat…

LEGO® Corporate Minifigure Holding Small Brown Briefcase Accessory

The Free LEGO® And Set Perks You Get As An Employee

Whether you are a LEGO® designer, or LEGO® master builder, LEGO® Group offers an incredible package when it comes to the employee’s love for LEGO®. LEGO® workers can enjoy exclusive, company-only set releases that are given around holidays and when employees reach certain milestones. But, most importantly, as a LEGO® employee, you can enjoy 50% off all LEGO® sets. Yup, you read that correctly!

Match Your 401K With A LEGO® IRA

This is more than just a discount. Think about it this way, it is well-known that retired LEGO® can appreciate by 8-11% per year post-retirement. Therefore, while you invest in your traditional retirement account with LEGO®, you can buy LEGO® sets and stash them away somewhere for as long as you work at LEGO®. Keyword here is while you work at LEGO® you must either build your heavily discounted sets, or store them somewhere for yourself.

Why You Can Not And Will Not Exploit The Employee Discount

If you happen to be a current LEGO® employee or are trying to become one, don’t even think about selling the sets that you receive discounted from LEGO® during your time working there. Even if you have sets from before your tenure you wish to resell, you could be on shaky ethical grounds as a current employee. LEGO® takes its employee discount seriously because it is such a robust offering. The caveat: If you are caught selling the corporate sets you receive and discounted sets you receive while working at LEGO®, it is usually grounds for immediate termination. Don’t try it and don’t mess up a good thing.

What About After You Leave LEGO®?

Well, after you leave LEGO®, you are no longer an employee and have the freedom to do anything you want with the corporate LEGO® or heavily discounted sets you acquired during your tenure. Therefore, your gathered LEGO® acts a bit like a retirement account; you can save the LEGO® to resell, but withdrawing early leads to massive penalties, including job termination.

My overall recommendation: Once you become a LEGO® employee, you most likely will never want to leave. Reselling the discounted sets should be the least of your concerns!

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